Cool Story Bro

On my vacation boardwalk blitz (I think we hit up a total of 5 different boardwalk towns), my husband and I noticed a certain phenomena that has totally taken over every beachside t-shirt shop we passed by:

Everywhere I turned, I spotted these t-shirts printed with Jersey Shore-esque phrases.  When I noticed them at first, I giggled inside for two reasons.

1)  I am obsessed with Jersey Shore, and especially with Pauly D.  Not only is he hil-ar, but I have a very special connection to his high school alma mater.  Let’s just say Pauly and I practically grew up next door to each other!

2)  I have always (since my sweet youth) employed a phrase very similar to “Cool story bro, tell it again” when quarreling with my own siblings except my version went more like “Good story. . . you should really repeat that.  Like right now.  No really.  It’s funny.”  Slightly different, but same effect.

Anywho, every time I saw those shirts in a shop, I got a kick out of it.  On the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk, I saw a gang of 12-year old girls sporting them in all different colors and they looked so cool.  As one in my early 30′s, I chuckled over their fashion bravery that often accompanies youth and moved merrily along my way.

Then one day, on the Wildwood boardwalk, after yet another sighting of the “Cool story bro. . . now tell it again” tee, something strange happened.  I found myself wanting one.  In fact, I needed one.  I hesitantly told me husband how I thought maybe sorta kinda I should get one– you know, just for the memories?  He looked at me at that moment, deep into my eyes, with all seriousness, and said “I think you need one too. . . right now.”

Before I knew it, I was the proud owner of my own sweet tee.  Words cannot express how happy I was– in a way, I now owned my own little piece of Pauly D. (P.S. I have not confirmed anyone on Jersey Shore has actually said this phrase on the show, but I just assume so since they’re sold with all the other Jersey Shore t-shirts!)  And yesterday, I donned my tee with so much pride and joy, I just had to show you:

I wore this ensemble to the gym, prepared to refer any meat-head running their mouths to my awesome tee:

Unfortunately, no one talked to me at the gym today.  Moving on. . .

I guess I should tell you about the workout that this shirt powered me through!   I was totally getting my GTL on (without the tan since I am naturally tan and without the laundry since this was my first time wearing the shirt– no need to wash yet!).  I started off with some ellipticizing for a warm up and then proceeded to conquer this leg weight lifting routine.  As with my last one for chest and back, I based this off of a training plan given to me by a trainer-friend.  Here’s what I did:

Prone leg curl (3 sets of 12:  1st set 50 lbs, 2nd and 3rd set 45 lbs)

Leg extension (3 sets of 12, 55 lbs)

Hip abduction (pushing out) (3 sets of 12:  1st set 75 lbs, 2nd and 3rd set 70 lbs)

Hip adduction (pushing in) (3 sets of 12:  1st set 80 lbs, 2nd and 3rd set 85 lbs)

Calf raises (3 sets of 12, 70 lbs)

Glute lifts (3 sets of 12, 50 lbs)

Leg press (3 sets of 12, 45 lbs on each side)

Hamstring ball curls (3 sets of 12, bodyweight)

Front lunges (3 sets of 12, 12.5 lbs in each hand) (each set was six on each side)

All exercises except the last two were done on machines.  I have to say, I immediately felt sore in a good way, and this morning, I really felt it!  I pretty much had to scrap plans for a run today because my legs feel like lead from the next-day soreness!

I followed this workout yesterday with another big salad like I had the day before, except I swapped the goat cheese for sprouted chickpeas, and added some daikon and cherries. 

I also enjoyed some Mary’s Gone Crackers in herb flavor on the side!

I later snacked on some nuts and raisins, and my dinner pretty much looked like the dinner I have had for the last few nights.  That’s what happens when every time you make something, there’s enough to last for a week because the husband prefers to go his own (more meaty) dinner route.

Look out for a post about my run today that wasn’t, and also expect a vacation flashback post documenting one of my favorite boardwalk meals!

Do you have a favorite gym t-shirt?  What makes it special?

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