Grotto Pizza: Vacation 2011 Flashback

Even though I have been home for a few days now and things are pretty much back to normal, I still have a tiny bit of the post-vacation blues. Sharing road trip pics with my mom (Momma G) today, though, put me in a better mood because I realized how fortunate my husband and I were to experience all that we did in 10 short days on the road.  In fact, showing Momma G the highlights of our vacation just made me excited for my next series of travel adventures this fall!

One series of pics from our stay in Rehoboth Beach especially cracked me up.  These photos were taken to remember our meal at Grotto Pizza, which pretty much is “the best pizza” you can find on any Delaware beach boardwalk.  My husband and I dined at the Grotto Pizza location on the main drag of Rehoboth Beach, and we not only had a blast, but we quite possibly ate the best cheese pizza we’ve both ever tasted!

When we arrived around 7 on a Wednesday night, the place was already packed!  It had a fantastic energy, filled with families, couples both old and young, and teens commonly found in cruising in packs on the boardwalk.  We were seated after a quick fifteen minute wait, and our waitress (probably 17 years old and totally sweet) promptly took our drink orders.  A quick glance at the menu, and I already knew what we were getting:  an order of Old Bay fries and a large cheese.

Below, I am patiently waiting for my fries, as pleasant as can be!

Here’s what happens when my need for Old Bay fries cannot be controlled and things get ugly:

Fortunately, the fries arrived.  See, the husband and I have a slight obsession with Old Bay seasoning period, but Old Bay on fries– we go mad!  I love Old Bay fries, and these fries did not disappoint!  Perfectly crisp outside, soft inside, and smothered in savory spice!



Total Old Bay fries domination!

Soon after, our pizza arrived.  Plain and simple cheese.  Let’s stop for a moment and admire how pretty it is.

Beautiful sauce swirls!

It was so gorgeous and we didn’t want to ruin its sheer beauty, so we didn’t have any.

Yeah, right.

I had two of these glorious slices:

I know its pretty cliche to talk about having had “the best” of anything; however, both my husband and I agreed that this was the best simple slice of cheese pizza we’ve ever experienced.  The cheese, the sauce, the crust– all perfect.  Not too thick, not too thin– this pizza was nothing fancy, but 100 percent tasty!

Now I only had two pieces, as I was leaving room for some chocolate-dipped frozen custard from Kohr’s Bros., but I WANTED more!  I gazed longingly at that pizza for a long time. . .

A view of me gazing longingly
A bird's-eye view from my longing gaze

 but then decided to just have it wrapped up so I could move onto my next victim. . .


I love vacation!

Anyway, please go to Grotto Pizza if you are ever in Rehoboth Beach or at any other of their Delaware locations.   It’s not only a boardwalk staple, but its pizza– it is legendary!

.P.S.  Look who we missed in Rehoboth by about two days! 


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