Sweet Potato Power Salad

Despite efforts to diversify my lunches, I have had the same exact lunch the last two days in a row.  It is that good.

I was looking for something nutrient-dense and satisfying, plus I wanted to incorporate most of the produce sitting in my fridge.  I also recently bought some Trader Joe’s refrigerated black bean salsa, and have been dying to use it. 

So I built what I like to call the sweet potato power salad.  Here’s how I did it!

First, I piled a dinner-sized plate full of lettuce (I used assorted organic baby spring greens).

Second, I add in some chopped cucumber, daikon, and cherry tomatoes (straight from Momma G’s garden.)

Third, I tossed in some chopped snap peas and baby carrots, and gave the salad generous sprinkles of Herbamare seasoning (for salt and flava!) and Frank’s hot sauce.

Fourth, I plopped on a cooked sweet potato (microwave style), 2 generous spoons of TJ’s black bean salsa, and 2 big globs of roasted garlic hummus.

Lastly, I scattered the salad with veggie sprinkles!  (That would be broccoli and radish sprouts!)

Easy, fast, and totally packed with nutrition (and even vegan/gluten-free to boot)!  A perfect post-run lunch.  Well it’s only perfect if you chase it with this:

 A big ole bowl of fruit!  In the mix– 2 kinds of cherries, strawberries, mango, and pineapple. 

Was I nursing a fiber baby?  Most certainly!  Did it go away on an hour?  Absolutely!  That is why I love fruits and veggies– they are satisfying but definitely don’t weigh me down.  Plus, I love to imagine all the nutrients I just ingested coursing through my veins, building up my immunity, beating down inflammation, and just working to make me look and feel good!

What is your favorite power salad?  What extra ingredients do you use to amp up the nutrition of your basic vegetable salads?

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