A Tasty Day of Eats

I enjoy reading blogs that document full days of eats because they give me new ideas for meals and snacks.  I thought I would jump on that bandwagon today to give you a snapshot of a what I ate on a particularly tasty day.  Here’s what I feasted on Friday, from beginning to end!


Serving of multigrain Puffins, sliced banana, unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, spoon of chia seeds, and big spoon of cashew/almond/peanut butter hiding underneath it all!  This was consumed at a very early hour–around 5 A.M.!


Sweet potato power salad and a bowl of mixed fruit


Trader Joe’s Go Raw Trek Mix (raw almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts and raisins).  I really love these packets– they’re grab n’ go and very satisfying.


About half of this huge pear, gorgonzola, and candied walnut salad with pineapple dressing, 2 slices grilled margherita pizza on whole wheat thin crust

My husband and I ordered take-out Friday night from our favorite gourmet pizza place appropriately named Pizza Gourmet.  My husband got his own pizza– half barbecue chicken and half buffalo chicken on their “hearty” white crust (they do thin white or wheat crust as well).  Dinner was a bit on the later side because when we went there to pick up our order, they told us it wasn’t ready yet.  15 minutes later they realized they gave our order to someone else.  We were definitely annoyed since, by that time, we had ordered an hour earlier.  They were very apologetic though, and remade our food, offering us some other free items (drinks, cookies) as well.  We declined any freebies, but they threw a few containers of soup and garlic bread in along with the salad, which was a nice gesture.  I didn’t try the soup because I suspected it wasn’t vegetarian, but the husband said it was delish!


A vegan salted caramel donut from Babycakes, 1/2 cup of Haagen Dazs dulce de leche ice cream, and some Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered caramels

We brought a bunch of goodies from the vegan bakery Babycakes in NYC back to Rhode Island from our vacation, and I carefully plastic-wrapped them and kept them in the freezer– a great trick I learned from Lynn at The Actor’s Diet.  I thawed our the donut in the fridge and then heated it for 20 seconds in the microwave.  It turned out amazing– great texture, very fresh-tasting, and perfectly caramel-ly.  That donut was a winner, and I can’t wait to try the red velvet cupcake and cinnamon bun we also purchased from Babycakes!

This dessert was certainly a tribute to caramel.  Caramel ribbons in the ice cream, caramel enrobed in dark chocolate, and sticky caramel coating the donut– yum!  One of my best combos lately for sure!

I would declare Friday a winner of a day when it came to balancing healthy and indulgent eats.  Fridays tend to include heavier dinners and desserts than the usual– which is one of the (many) reasons I look forward to them so much!

Does the way you eat tend to change a bit on weekends?  How so?

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