A Night of Blogger Fails: Part 1

** I would like to thank my husband for making this post possible, as he rescued me from numerous blogger fails, to be discussed further in this post.

Yesterday was a very important one for this little blog– I met with a good friend and very talented graphic designer to discuss the creation of a new blog header!  We’ re still in the initial stages of figuring out what will work best, but I am so excited to give this blog a facelift.  I am so not technologically inclined, hence the sometimes awful pictures and simple layout, and I am completely appreciative and stoked that I have such a skilled and awesome friend to help me out in that department.  Be on the lookout for a bigger and badder (I just typed batter — as in cake batter– by accident!) dashofcurry.com soon!

Blogger fail # 1:  Prior to meeting up with my friend, I was freaking out over decisions I had to make concerning the blog header.  My husband was firing questions at me in order to be prepared for the meeting:  Do I want pictures?  Do I want a drawn image?  What color scheme do I want?  As someone who lacks creativity when it comes to design, I had no idea what I really wanted and truly was overwhelmed.  In a moment of panic, I pronounced that the meeting should be delayed until I had some clue of how I wanted my blog to look.

How husband came to the rescue:  Once he saw the frustration in my eyes, the husband started going through pics on my computer, picking out ones he liked in case that’s the route I wanted to go for the header.  He made sure we kept out appointment, and basically assured me we could get as much input from our friend as possible, and go from there.  In other words, he communicated the message of no pressure = no worries.  We did proceed to meet with our friend, who also calmed my nerves with his confidence he could design something right up my alley, and we all  actually came to some pretty solid conclusions  about the direction of my blog redesign.  Once I sat down to really discuss the design, I realized I did have opinions– I just needed to calm down and fortunately, my husband helped me do just that!

Blogger fail # 2:  Last night, as a pre-hurricane hoorah, my sister, husband, and I went to Federal Hill for dinner, which is a Providence neighborhood boasting a plethora of mostly Italian restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.  My sister was dying to go to Providence Oyster Bar (www.providenceoysterbar.com), a seafood restaurant featuring things like sushi, oysters and other creatures of the sea.  I happened to purchase a Groupon for Providence Oyster Bar the day before, so it worked out swimmingly.  While the vegetarian selections are limited, there was certainly enough to piece together a decent meal.

Now on to the fail– because we were perusing pictures to potentially use for my blog header, I left my camera memory card in the computer.  Not good for a food blogger.

How my husband came to the rescue:  He not only had his work Blackberry on him to take pics, but he had his I Phone as well!  Two cameras at the ready!!!

Blogger fail # 3:  Because I could not use my camera, I forgot to take a picture of my dinner, which was a delicious caprese salad with pesto, fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, greens, and red onion, along with a side of amazing truffle fries.

How my husband came to the rescue:  Once I realized I forgot to take pics, my husband artfully styled some of the half-eaten food so it would look like I hadn’t dug in yet and captured a few snapshots.    Here’s what he got:

Their soft, fluffy bread served with spicy oil
Perfectly crispy truffle fries

I ate my caprese salad before we realized I forgot to take a pic, but trust me, it was delicious.  The bread and olive oil was a perfect appetizer for me– the oil was spicy and almost vinegary, and I think I ate a whole plate of it on my own.  The truffle fries were dominated by all three of us, and they seriously took french fries to a whole new level.  By the time we took a pic of the fries, we had already eaten three-quarters of them, but my husband pushed the remaining fries to one side of the plate and photographed them at an angle that would appear the fries were abundant and still untouched.  How’s that for fixing my blogger fail!

I think I’ve written enough about my epic fails as a food blogger yesterday, but stay tuned, because tomorrow, I will discuss how my husband continued to save the (blogger) day for me as we proceeded to the dessert portion of this meal! 

If you’re a blogger, have you missed or nearly missed some good blogging material due to lack of proper preparation?  If you’re not a blogger, what did you do last night?

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