A Night Of Blogger Fails: Part 2

If you want to read about my first string of blogger fails (Blogger Fails # 1-3) on Saturday, in which my husband came to the rescue, check out yesterday’s post!

To catch you up to speed, I committed many blogger crimes on Saturday, and my husband managed to right all my wrongs. I want to highlight my final blogger fail on Saturday night, and further discuss why my husband is so awesome!

Blogger Fail # 4:  The dessert selection at Providence Oyster Bar (www.providenceoysterbar.com) was pretty weak (they were out of the both the tiramisu and cheesecake I would have ordered), so my husband suggested we go to the new, first-ever-in-Rhode Island Pinkberry (www.pinkberry.com) frozen yogurt shop about 15 minutes away so I could finally try it.  I have been jonesing for a visit to Pinkberry since it opened a month ago, but we haven’t had a chance to fit it into our dessert schedule yet.  When he offered to take my sister and I there, I resisted.  I was tired, and a fifteen minute drive for fro-yo in the rain seemed unimaginable at that moment.  My husband and sister both laid it out for me– if it wasn’t torrential rain out, we were going no matter what I said.  Again I resisted, insisting we go to a scoop shop near my home.

When we left the restaurant, there was not a rain drip to be found, meaning Pinkberry it was.  Now, you may be wondering why I was so resistant to going, when all I had to do was sit in a car for fifteen minutes and voila– Pinkberry in my hand!  Well, there’s something you may not know about me– I don’t like change.

Whenever there’s something new or cool  to try, especially in the realm of dessert, I tend to resort to the familiar in fear I will not like the newer, cooler option.  I was thinking the following:  “What if Pinkberry is not as good as the fro-yo place near my house?  What if Pinkberry doesn’t live up to the hype?  What if they don’t have any flavors that appeal to me?  What of I waste a perfectly good Saturday night dessert opportunity on something that ends up being sub-par?”

I know, I know– you never know if you like something till you try it!  But I wanted something delicious for dessert, and I was worried Pinkberry would end up being a big old disappointment.  As a blogger, I feel like I should have wanted to try out the latest in the world of Rhode Island fro-yo– which is why I nearly blogger failed by practically refusing to go.

How my husband (and sister) came to the rescue:  Fortunately, my sis and hus were not having my shenanigans.  We were going to Pinkberry whether I liked it or not.  My husband reminded me as a blogger, it was my duty to report on the one and only Rhode Island Pinkberry.  And so we drove there, and the rest was history.

When we walked in, it was hoppin’!  Seriously, it was extremely busy, and I was quite surprised so many people were out that night, seeing as how most were hunkering down for Miss Irene.

The atmosphere inside was very flourescent, I guess you can say!  It was also very loud. 

Wall shot

 When it was finally our turn to order, all of my fears of trying something new returned.  I was overwhelmed.  It didn’t help the situation that the young man who took my order was very intense.  He asked me a ton of questions throughout the ordering process that made me second guess my choices, and half the time, I couldn’t hear him since it was so noisy!  I don’t know if it is standard Pinkberry procedure to ask customers so many questions about their order, but it was certainly off-putting to say the least.

Too many questions!

I ended up with a large half original tart and half peanut butter with peanut butter crisp, cookies and cream, and a waffle cookie as toppings.

Ok, let’s cut to the chase.  Pinkberry frozen yogurt is pretty epic.  Sweet, tart, creamy, smooth– it was nearly perfect.  And to think, I almost didn’t go there due to my own crippling fear of the dessert unknown.  Thank goodness for my sister and husband, who once again saved me from a near blogger fail!

What’s your favorite fro-yo joint?  Have you ever had Pinkberry?

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