A New Reci”pea”

Due to Miss Irene, I was stuck inside all day Sunday with my husband.  We had power, but no internet or cable.  However, we were able to access our DVR, and a day-long Curb Your Enthusiasm marathon ensued. 

That Larry David– so awkwardly hilarious!  I never watched this show until my husband got me into it, and I just love predicting what exactly he did that is going to come back and haunt Larry in each episode.  His inappropriateness tickles me!

I managed to tear myself off of the couch around 6 in the evening, realizing the need to throw something together for dinner fast.  I spotted my most recent addition to my cookbook collection sitting on the kitchen counter, and knew it was my chance to finally try out one of Sarah’s genius reci”peas”!

I have been reading Peas and Thank You (http://peasandthankyou.com) since I began reading healthy living blogs about two years ago.  In fact, it was her vegan dessert recipes, like her Almond Joy Cookie Bars and amazing brownies, that convinced my husband cruelty-free desserts can be far superior to traditional sweets.  I love her wit, her hilarious descriptions of family shenanigans, and of course, I love her food. 

I decided to make a recipe that reminded me of one of my own curry-ations:  her Spicy African Peanut Soup.  Since I was starving, and dinner time was right around the corner, I used her “throw everything into the pot and simmer for 30 minutes” technique to prepare this soup. 

I appreciated how this recipe contained ingredients I already had lying around– no need to run out in a hurricane to get any exotic ingredients!  I followed her recipe almost exactly, except I subbed dry ginger powder for fresh ginger, and added in some red pepper flakes and cayenne for additional heat. 

I gave it all a good stir, and let it hang out on the stove for about 30 minutes.  It was so incredibly easy to put together, I almost felt like I was cheating.  Usually my curry-ations require a lot of chopping, but this recipe was low prep and low maintenance.  And let’s not forget to mention the coconutty aromas that were floating around my kitchen– my husband was salivating!

After a half an hour of simmering, I had this beautiful creation staring at me from the stovetop.


This Spicy African Peanut Soup looked just like the picture in her cookbook!  I could not wait to dig in.  I served a few huge ladle-fuls over brown rice, accompanied by some steamed green beans, baby carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Oh my PEAS!  This soup was hearty, with a perfect chunky and rich texture.  The flavors were so complimentary– I definitely could not have achieved this depth of flavor if left to my own devices!  Sweet, savory, and spicy–  I truly could not have asked for more!

In case you didn’t notice– there’s no recipe here!  Go out (right now) and buy her book:  Peas and Thank You:  Simple Meatless Meals Your Whole Family Will Love.  At the very least, check out her blog (http://peasandthankyou.com) and make something– make anything!  You will not be disappointed!

Have you tried any of Mama Peas reci”peas?”  Which are your favorite?  If not, what is your favorite vegan recipe?

**By the way, my ability to link to websites is not working right now, so I’ve been awkwardly inserting websites so I can give credit where credit is due.  I hope to figure out what’s wrong soon enough, but until then, please forgive me for the post’s appearance!

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