Ready To Go– Or Not!

I started school today.  Correction– I was supposed to start school today!  Yesterday was teacher orientation day, which went off without a hitch.  However, in the middle of the orientation, we teachers got word that the superintendent of schools cancelled the actual first day of school due to the power outages we have experienced here in Rhode Island.  So now, I have the day off, and the students come in tomorrow assuming the power situation is sorted out.  Crazy I tell you!  At least I have one more day to try to rest and relax before opening day!

I say “try” to relax because truthfully, I am totally nervous/excited/giddy/anxious all at the same time!  I am pretty much one big huge ball of emotion!  I am a pretty shy person, and even though I am “the teacher,” I still get the back-to-school butterflies at the thought of having to meet all these new students!  It’s fun, but definitely scary being up there in front of the classroom all by your lonesome.  It takes me a good week to get over those jittery feelings– usually I am pretty comfortable once I finally memorize all 130 or so of my students names!

I thought today would be an appropriate time to highlight some of my back-to-school purchases that will help ensure my smooth transition back into work-mode.  I made a list last week of some of the things I had to purchase before my first day, most of them not exactly classified as necessities, but more like fun things that would ease me back into the school year with style!

First up, I bought a new handbag.  I had a phase in my early and mid 20′s where I would not buy or carry a purse unless it was Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or crafted by some other high-end designer.  While I still appreciate such luxuries and often do whip them out once in a while for special occasions, now I tend to carry less expensive but still cute bags that I would not cry over if they get destroyed.  Also, as a high school teacher, I prefer not to prance around the hallways with a thousand dollar bag– to me, there’s just something wrong with that.  I definitely feel like I am a role model, and oftentimes students admire my clothes or accessories.  I like to send out a message to my students that being fashionable or put together (not that I claim I am necessarily either!) does not mean you have to break the bank.

Lately, I have been buying all of my handbags from Urban Outfitters.  I favor styles that can be worn on the shoulder and cross-body.  I fell in love with this bag in particular because it was both black and brown, making it so much easier to coordinate with clothes.

The trim is faux-leather, and the black is actually a cloth material.

Note the perfect placement of Vogue magazine next to my bag.  That’s supposed to prove to you how fashion-forward I am.  (I kid. The only reason I get Vogue is because the people who used to live in my house before me never cancelled their subscription!)

Moving on, I decided to go back to Urban Outfitters a few days later on a shirt-hunt.  I was looking for school appropriate tops that were still summery and light (no air conditioning in the classroom!) and that I would wear outside of work as well.  I tried to blur the line between “teacher clothes” and clothes I actually would wear on my own time.  I came away with these:

I love the warm coral shades– I think they look good against my skin tone if I do say so myself!

Lastly, it was time to buy a school bag.  I mentioned in a previous post how I always carry a school bag that represents one of my two alma maters:  Brown University for undergrad, and Harvard University for grad school.  I took a trip to the Brown bookstore, but thought their latest canvas bag was kind of ugly in person.  Plus, it lacked any extra pockets for teacher essentials like pens and paper clips.

Sensing my disappointment with the Brown canvas tote, my husband, the incredible soul that he is, “ran an errand” during his lunch break and headed down to Harvard to pick up a Harvard tote bag for me!

It was big and full of pockets, just like I wanted!

It’s already packed with papers!

Look at the load of school stuff I have to bring in– full of supplies!

After this shopping extravaganza, I feel prepared (but still nervous/anxious/scared/jittery!).  But at least I am prepared!

Are you or someone you know going back to school?  Do you or did you do well with the back-to-school transition?

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