A Revised Game Plan

This post is not going to have too many pretty pics, because frankly, I did not take a single picture yesterday, and I only managed a few photos on Monday.  Yesterday, like all other days recently, was go, go, go, and I honestly felt like I had no time to do all of the things listed on my must-do list.  Monday was also incredibly packed with activity– so busy in fact, I still haven’t caught up with its to-do list!  If you can’t tell yet, I am a bit overwhelmed and a bit stressed right now, and it is a direct result of having gone away this weekend and losing Saturday and Sunday as errand days.  Thus, everything fell to Monday.  I thought I would show you how my anxiety-inducing Monday schedule went:

4:45:  Wake up!

5:00-6:20:  Breakfast, shower, get ready for school which includes making lunch, and also getting my husband up so he can do the same!

6:23:  Drop off the husband at the train station; head to work.

6:40:  At work for the day! 

1:30:  School ends, but I decide to stay after for an hour to finish some correcting.

3:00:  Make it to the gym for an hour elliptical sesh.

4:00-6:00:  Errands including grocery shopping, getting my eyebrows done, and going to the dry cleaner.

6:15-7:25:  Make a curry-ation from scratch, and draft a blog post while dinner simmers.

7:40:  Pick up my husband from the train station, eat dinner together while watching Project Runway.

9:00:  Drag my sleepy self to bed!  Fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Maybe my above schedule doesn’t strike you as overwhelming, but for me, it was.  I usually strength train on Mondays, but I let that go, hoping I would fit it in Tuesday.  Well, Tuesday came and went, and I skipped the gym entirely to get in a few hours of correcting papers after school yesterday.  Normally, I never skip a scheduled gym trip or run, but I had so much school work piling up just from my classes yesterday, that I sacrificed gym time for time with my red pen!

I am a bit disappointed with myself for skipping my workout yesterday, but I think I made the right choice to focus on my grading (work takes priority people!).  However, the last few days have left me feeling incredibly rushed and cranky, which is a feeling I detest.  I realize I need to CHILL OUT, and today, I declare that I am revising my life game plan!

In other words, I am using this opportunity to list out some of the changes I need to make in order to get my stress under control.  Here’s what I came up with so far:

1)  Breathe.  Deeply.  Over and over again!  I think taking a few deliberate deep breaths each day when I begin to feel overwhelmed will remind me of the fact that life, actually, is not so bad!


2)  Chew thoroughly!  My tummy troubles have been awful lately, and the bloating and distension I am experiencing are surely related to stress.  I discussed this with my friend who practices Chinese medicine, and she advised me to slow down while eating and chew until my food is liquid.  She said this would improve my digestion and also help me concentrate on the act of eating and enjoying food.  Sounds good to me!

3)  Get back on track with exercise.  Ok, Ok, it’s not like I have forsaken exercise forever– I only skipped one day!  However, I realize that sticking to my exercise routine after school is crucial as it is a primary means by which I do relieve stress.  I don’t have to go all out every time, but going to the gym is a nice post-work ritual that helps me decompress from my day.  Correcting can always wait til after they gym!

4) Smile more!  And laugh more too!  I get very serious and testy when I am under pressure.   I think if I remember to physically put a smile on my face, I will remind myself that I have so much in life to smile about!


5)  Appreciate my situation.  I have a wonderful and rewarding job that I get immense amounts of satisfaction from.  I have a caring and devoted husband who works hard to decrease my stress levels on a daily basis.  My family is awesome.   My friends rule.  I know all of this and must remember all of this much more often, especially when I think life is trying to get the best of me.

I think this post may require another part– I know there are things I want to focus on that are missing from the above list.  I need a bit more time to stew over all this, but I am certainly glad to be entering this hump day on a much more positive note!

Are there any revisions you want to make towards your life game plan?

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