Bag Lady and Lunch Explosions

At my work, I am known as the teacher who always carries around a huge bag.  Students and teachers alike comment on how my bag looks ridiculously heavy.  They express concerns that I might be straining my back by hauling this thing full of books, papers, and school supplies everywhere I go.  They even go as far as advising me to purchase one of those bags on wheels, and drag it through the halls of my high school rather than schlep around the one I currently sling on my shoulder.  I, however, prefer the one I have.

My school bag is not the only bag I have in my life.  There’s my purse of course, stuffed to the brim.  And hanging out in the backseat of my car is my gym bag, which contains various outfits, sneakers and toiletries.  Every night, I think my neighbors chuckle when they see me come home and struggle to unlock my door because I am not only sporting three different bags on my shoulders, but also anything else that I happen to be carrying in my hands.  I am most certainly a bag lady of sorts!

My school and gym bag, side by side!

Oh well, this is one of those cases in which it is what it is– hopefully all this heavy lifting will result in same fantastic shoulders and biceps!

I fueled all of my heavy lifting yesterday with a delightful lunch I have been making for myself every morning.  Here’s a few photos of the mess/explosion I create in the lunch-making process!

It all ends up in one delicious sandwich!

Wrapped in foil, the above creation holds up well all day!  It consists of 2 mini whole wheat pitas stuffed with sliced radishes and grape tomatoes, lettuces, a slice of cheese, chipotle hummus, and sprouts.  Paired with a plum, it is my go-to power lunch!  Heavy bags don’t stand a chance when I eat this!

I am very happy it is Friday.  It’s been a long week to say the least. 

What are your Friday plans?  Do you carry around a million different bags too?

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