Chocolate Now and Chocolate Then

As the loyal readers you are, surely you are aware of my mild addiction to dark chocolate.  The darker the better, and definitely– don’t forget to bring on the sea salt!  I enjoy about one hundred calories worth a night, reason being that portion control is a must around this mysterious and decadent stuff.  I could easily eat a whole bar every evening, but instead, I break off a portion and savor it like there’s no tomorrow!

Every time I hit up whole foods, I grab a few new varieties of dark chocolate along with my favorite Endangered Species 88%.  Last night, I cracked open the latest addition to my chocolate collection:  Green & Black’s 70% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate.  While I usually stick to 80% or higher, this new-to-me bar just begged me to try it!

The whole bar is only 190 calories, so I cut it in half and enjoyed a piece.

Let’s just say it was good– real good.  The flavor was straightforward and simple, just like any good quality dark chocolate should be.  It had a wonderful melt-in-your mouth quality, though not as creamy as my go-to Endangered Species brand.  I would probably pass on this next time only because of its lower-than-I-like cocoa content, but otherwise I recommend this as a solid and widely available (seen it in my regular ole’ grocery store too) dark chocolate option!

All this chocolate talk has me reminiscing about my trip to San Francisco, which I believe ended about one month ago today when I was flying home!  I visited the mecca of all San Fran chocolate havens– Ghirardelli Square and its accompanying original chocolate shop!

It was packed, with lines literally out the door!

Admittedly, I had no intentions whatsoever to buy any chocolate.  Ghirardelli is so common and easy to find that it seemed kind of silly to buy some when I could get it at my local pharmacy.  The real reason I was there was for the free samples, obvi!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this operation, the Ghirardelli shop gives a free chocolate square to every person who walks in the door!  Sadly, the first time I walked in, they had just ran out and had to go refill the basket.  Of course, I came back five minutes later, and there was success!  I savored their milk chocolate with caramel square, and it was heavenly, as one would imagine!  It almost made me rethink my position on not buying anything from the store! 

Forgive me for the slightly pained expression in the photo below– either I am really squinting, or just upset that the line to get back in for another sample was too long!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate– I just can’t get enough!  Fortunately, I am about to cue up some Top Chef Just Desserts, episode titled “Death by Chocolate!”

Are you a milk, dark or white chocolate lover? 

I love them all, but I stick to dark most times due to its rich flavor and anti-oxidant power!

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