Paleonola Prize

Yesterday morning, I powered through a 1 mile walk to the gym, a 10 mile treadmill run, and the returning 1 mile walk home, all after consuming my favorite weekend morning, energy-boosting breakfast.  I enjoyed a cup of plain 0% fat Greek yogurt, a sliced banana with cinnamon, a spoon of raw almond butter, and a serving of Paleonola Original Granola.  I will spare you a picture of the bowl, since I probably showed you all a similar pic at least ten times.  Let’s just say it was delicious, nutritious, and . . . grain-free?

Yes, that’s right, my Saturday morning breakfast was grain-free.  I have waxed poetic a number of times (here and here) already about my obsession with Paleonola Granola, which is chock full of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits– but no oats or other grains.  Mind you, I have no reason or desire to purposefully avoid grains in my breakfast– I just think it is interesting how my standard morning meal has sort of evolved to become grain-free, and I always have sustained energy after eating it for hours!  Also, I have noticed less tummy troubles in the morning when I consume a grain-free granola versus one with oats.  It’s just something I thought I would note– I am in no way advocating grain-free meals or a grain-free diet (especially since the rest of my meals always include whole grains); rather, I am just making an observation that perhaps the lack of grains at breakfast may help with ensuring more energy and smoother digestion at the start of the day.  It’s just something I will try to pay attention to more.

Now, I promise– this will be the last Paleonola post. . . for at least a week!  Just kidding.  No, but seriously, I have no affiliation with the company other than the fact I love their product.  Last week, I went to Whole Foods to stock up, and I was shocked and saddened to see all the Paleonola was gone!  I went to another Whole Foods in search of Paleonola, only to find that branch did not carry it at all.  In a moment of desperation, I jumped onto their website to order a bag.  A bag turned into the sampler pack, which includes five full-sized bags of all of their flavors, two of which I have not yet tried.  A few days ago, my granola stash finally arrived!

I desperately clawed at the box with my nails to unseal the packing tape.  When I finally got the box opened, I was greeted with this adorable note:

How cute is that?  It’s small, personal touches like that which make me support certain companies, and I really thought that was a nice way to be greeted by the package!  Anyway, I gingerly removed the note and was faced with what I can only call a  sight for sore eyes:

Oh yes– it was packets upon packets of the good stuff!  I decided to have a bit of a photo shoot with my newly acquired Paleonola stash.  First, the flavors I have already tried and fell head over heels for:  The Original, Chocolate FIx, and Maple Pancake:

More importantly, here are the two I was most looking eager to get my hands on (the two flavors I could not find in stores):

Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie!  I die!  The pumpkin pie flavor especially has me intrigued– as you know from my dinner at Al Forno, I love all things pumpkin!  As soon as I am finished with the bag I have open now, I am cracking into this one, and I will report back as to how it is!

Look at that line-up:

I am a lucky girl.

Have you gotten any fun packages lately?

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