Memories of Halloweens Past

It’s Halloween!  Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, since I enjoy all things spooky and eerie mixed with fun and whimsy!  There are so many things I look forward to on this day:

1)  Seeing boatloads of little ones running all over the place in desperate searches for candy, candy and more candy!

2)  Marveling over those houses across my small state that display elaborate and creepy Halloween decorations!


3)  The Roger Williams Park Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular!  Admittedly, I do not actually go to this festival of thousands of glowing, carved pumpkins, simply because the lines to get in are outrageous!  However, I always am excited to see the pictures of the creative and artistic pumpkins each year.


4)  Watching at least one scary movie– last night, it was the Shining!  There’s nothing like totally freaky kids in Halloween movies!

Sorry if this pic creeps you out– it does to me a little bit!


5)  The spirit of tricks and mischief that will be in the air of the hallways of my school tomorrow.  High-schoolers are all about Halloween, and though they are not allowed to dress-up in school, you can always sense the excitement among the students!
6)  Lastly, I always cannot wait for the annual Halloween bash I attend each year at my good friend’s parents’ house in a residential neighborhood in Cumberland, Rhode Island.   For as long as my husband can remember, one of his closest buddies parents’ host a neighborhood party in which parents, children, and everyone in between are invited to stop in and have some cider!  My husband’s group of high school friends always attend, and every year there is a theme to guide how we dress up.  This year it is movie characters– I’ll unveil my costume soon enough!
I thought it would be fun to show you some of my costumes from previous years!  I would include the hubby too, since we dress as a couple, but I keep him off the blog for professional reasons.
Halloween, 2007– theme:  Cereal Box Characters
I was Count Chocula, and the husband was a big, pink Frankenberry!
Halloween, 2008– theme:  Representing a State
In order to represent Kansas, I dressed as Dorothy, while the husband was the Scarecrow!
Halloween, 2009– theme:  Historical Figures
I portrayed Pocahontas, while my husband was Captain John Smith!
Halloween, 2010– theme:  Haunted Hospital
As you can see, I was a creepy X-ray, while the husband was a crazy, maniacal doctor!
For this year, all I can tell you now is I should try to find some blue face-paint for tomorrow!  Any guesses?
Have a safe, wonderful and fun-filled Halloween!
What are your plans for tonight?

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