Off Schedule, But On With The Fun!

A few days of constant eating, endless friends and family, and loads of good times (and late nights) will really get you off schedule!  After my double Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, I slept in till 8 yesterday, which is nearly three hours later than my usual wake-up time of just before 5 on most days.  I lounged around all morning, until my husband and I went for a 5.5 mile walk around the neighborhood.  It was gorgeous outside, meaning no need for gloves or a coat.  I rocked my favorite Lululemon instead!

I only had this picture taken because I usually exercise alone, when there is no one around to snap a picture of me!  Since I was with hubby today, I made him take a pic of me in my favorite sweatshirt!

Anyway, the day continued with more lounging, followed by the newest Twilight movie, followed by Uno’s Deep Dish.  Yeah– despite all of the food, we still went out for perhaps the unhealthiest (but extremely delicious) pizza around.  No worries though– it was yummy and worth it, and I know all of my holiday indulgences will be balanced by a return to more healthful eating during the week! 

Sorry for the weird angle– I can’t get it to rotate!

Moving on, my husband and I then attended a Friendsgiving celebration, where we chatted and ate dessert until midnight!  Party animals I tell you.  As you can probably guess, I slept in again today, until 7:30.  Needless to say, I am way off schedule, but it all is so worth it.  I rarely mix up my usual routine, so it is nice to just go with the flow and relax once in a while and not worry about the daily grind.  I haven’t forced myself to get up early to get in the miles or do other chores, and as a result, I have been able to enjoy this little holiday break a little more than I typically allow myself,  The fun continues today, as we are going to another friend’s house for dinner.  I can’t wait!

I also can’t wait to return to my usual healthy eating/exercise routine, but I know it will come in time (meaning tomorrow!).  TIll then, I will continue to enjoy my little break to the fullest!

Have you found yourself taking a break in your usual routine over the last few days?

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