Slightly New Breakfast, Totally New Stew

Let’s back up for a moment.  Other than my quickie post yesterday, I don’t think I have given you many updates on my life since Thanksgiving dinner!  Well, other holiday weekend highlights included a matinée viewing of Breaking Dawn on Friday (not the best Twiight movie of the bunch!), a deep dish pizza extravaganza on Friday night followed by a Friendsgiving celebration, where I refrained from the dinner part but went hard on the chocolate cream pie/pumpkin trifle/banana cake desserts!  On Saturday, we went to other friends’ house for dinner, which included copious amounts of cheese and crackers, Marcona almonds (yum!), a delicious spinach and pine nut pasta, and homemade and to-die-for pumpkin mousse tart.  Bad blogger that I am, most of those shenanigans went undocumented in terms of pictures, but what I did capture was my Saturday morning breakfast, which was a slight change-up from my usual granola/banana/nut butter/cottage cheese bowl!

I decided to skip the granola, and go with the muffin– half of a sprouted grain Ezekiel muffin that is! 

I toasted it, slathered it with sunflower seed butter, and enjoyed it along with a sliced banana (also slathered in nut butter) and cottage cheese. 

It was a nice switch for sure, but I definitely found it hard to not go back to the Paleonola the next day!

On Sunday, I prepped a ton of food for the week, including a phenomenal plantain and kidney bean stew from Veganomicon, my go-to vegan cookbook.  Since I followed the recipe to a T, I can’t post it here, but I can show you visually how it all came together!

I started with a base of bright green jalapenos, yellow pepper, onions and garlic:


Also part of the mix were some of these:

And two of these!

All sliced up!

Don’t forget a can of these!

All together now!

I added some spices too of course, and while I can’t reveal the exact mix, let’s just say cumin and fresh cilantro played key roles!  After a good forty minutes of simmering, here’s the beautiful stew in all of its glory!

Into the Gladware it goes!

Dinner for the week is done!  I wish I could give you the exact details on how to make this curry-ation, but you will just go have to check out Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero’s began bible Veganomicon instead! 

I rarely cook with plantains, but this recipe reminded me of how utterly delicious they are.  Soft and sweet, they really took this stew over the top.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now!  Stay tuned for more on my Sunday food prep and a new lunch I ate as a result of all my hard work in the kitchen!

Have you ever cooked with plantains?  What’s your favorite way to prepare them?

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