The Perfect Gift For My Moms!

My mother always insists she wants nothing for Christmas, and this year she was more adamant than ever about making sure she told my brother, sister and I loud and clear that we should not give her a single gift.  Despite her commands, though, I could not help but shop for the ideal gift for her.  Isn’t always the case that a lady who insists she doesn’t want anything actually, deep down inside, would appreciate a little something?

Last year, I purchased my mom’s first ever Pandora bracelet and charms.  She certainly loved it, so I thought this Christmas, I would buy her this year’s trendy bracelet phenomenon– Alex and Ani bracelets.


If you are unfamiliar with Alex and Ani, it’s an eco-friendly, local Rhode Island company founded by jewelery designer Carolyn Rafaelian, selling bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings that “that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit” (Source).  Perhaps most famous for their expandable bangle bracelets graced with adorable, spiritual charms, Alex and Ani sells unique, funky, simple, yet meaningful jewelery that is easy to customize to one’s tastes and likings.  Since an Alex and Ani story is literally three  blocks from my home, I figured this would be a great gift for my mom, assuming I could find some perfect pieces that would resonate with her.

My mom’s greatest loves (other than me of course!) are my nephews, Prem (age 10), and Om, (age 8).  “Prem” means love in Hindi, and Om obviously comes from the Om symbol, referring to a sacred incantation often recited in Indian religious prayer.  Don’t my nephews just have the coolest names by the way?

Anyway, I did some on-line research before hitting up the store, and found that Alex and Ani sold bangle bracelets both with Om symbols and heart symbols, therefore perfectly representing Prem and Om.  When I went into the store, I had a mission to locate both bracelets, figuring that when paired up, they would be the absolute perfect give for my mom.

Fortunately, I got lucky!

Here’s the Om bracelet, which I purchased in “Russian Gold”:


And, here’s the heart bracelet, which I purchased in silver:


I purchased both bangles for under seventy dollars, and I know for a fact my mother will love them.  It’s also the kind of gift that I can build upon– now for Mother’s day, my mom’s birthday, and any other gift-giving occasion, I will buy her another bangle charm bracelet so that eventually, she can have a crazy awesome layered look like this:


There are so many fantastic things about Alex and Ani as far as gift-giving goes:  1) the jewelery is widely available on-line, 2) it’s affordable, 3) it is totally customizable to the person you are shopping for and 4) it’s totally adorable!  In fact, I nearly purchased a bracelet (or 8) for myself; however, I resisted, convincing myself I would treat myself after the holidays. 

I also purchased my mother-in-law’s Christmas present from the Alex and Ani store.  Since I couldn’t think of any particularly meaningful symbols that would match her, I decided to go for one of the other bracelet styles they offer.  I purchased this gorgeous peacock feather bracelet, since peacock feathers are a very prominent symbol in Indian culture, and though my mother-in-law is not Indian, I figured she would like the design itself and appreciate its meaning.



I asked the sales clerk what would work well with this single peacock bangle, and she suggested a simple trio of unadorned bangles, so that the peacock detail was not overwhelmed by other dangly charms.  I agreed, and ending up purchasing this to accompany the bracelet:



Such a nice combo!

Alex and Ani bracelets are so incredibly cute, sassy, and full of significance, and I cannot wait to see my mothers’ faces when they open their gifts.  I also can’t wait until I get some for myself!!

By the way, no Christmas gifts were ruined in the making or publishing of this post– my mom doesn’t have a computer, and I don’t even  know if my mother-in-law knows about the blog!

Have you ever heard of Alex and Ani?  What did you get for the moms in your life?





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