Christmas Cheer, Part 1

**Reader Alert**  Today, I have decided to share my Christmas in a two-part post!  It’s a special day when I decide to post twice!  I hope you enjoy both recaps, Christmas Cheer Part 1 and Christmas Cheer Part 2, which follows immediately after this post!  Have a great day!

Christmas Day is by far one of the best days of the year, and it has nothing to do with the gifts or food.  I love Christmas Day because it is one of the few days in a year all of my family has the day off, and we all come together to just hang out!  I love the fact everyone is relaxed, content, and together, and it’s smiles all day long!

I started my day watching television and blogging while my husband caught up on some sleep.  As soon as he woke up, he bounded over to me to give me a gift he apparently was extremely proud of.  As I have mentioned before, I technically do not celebrate Christmas, as it isn’t a tradition I grew up with.  However, my husband always does a fantastic job of getting me the one thing I really want.  Of course, he came through on this Christmas morning, when he presented me with this box:

The contents?

Compression sleeves!  I have been dying for a pair forever, so he ordered Zensah compression sleeves in black for me, which is exactly what I wanted.  As you may know, compression sleeves aid in recovery of your legs from running.  I often get calf cramps, especially at night, so I have been talking about these things forever!  Thank you husband for the listening to my hints and picking up a pair for me!  I had to put them on immediately:

Love them!

The rest of the morning was spent hanging out with my husband on the couch.  He played some video games, which he only has the time to do on slow holiday mornings while I read blogs/napped/watched the Real World reunion on-line.  By the time 1:30 rolled around, we got our acts together and headed to my sister’s house to see my sister, her husband, my two nephews, and my mom.  As we opened her front door, my eight-year old Om presented his gift to me.  He was so proud (this is the first time he has gotten me a gift all on his own from his school holiday fair!) and when I saw what it was, I donned it immediately!  Look how adorable this is!

Just in case you were wondering, he gave me the big bling on the right!

My nephews had already opened all of their gifts in the morning, so the house was relatively under control– the mess of wrapping paper and boxed had long been cleaned up.  Instead, the house was dominated by lots of food!

Since it was well past lunch-time, my sister presented me with a plate of two pastas:  cheese manicotti and a spinachy, cheesy pasta bake.

I had this times two!

We quickly moved on to dessert.  My sister made a chocolate bundt cake:

 I skipped the bundt cake in favor of these golden beauties:

Pineapple ooey butter cake!  It’s originally a Paula Deen recipe, and it is basically like the best, buttery pineapple cheesecake ever!  So delicious, and soo rich!  The best part was the caramelized crusty edges!

I also had an unpictured slice of coffee cake to end the dessert festivities.  After we ate, we all hung around in the living room, watching my nephews play video games.  Around 4:30, we had to head off to our next destination– my husband’s family’s house!  I had a fantastic time there, but I’ll save that recap for tomorrow!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you continue to enjoy this holiday season to the fullest! 

P.S.  Keep reading if you want to hear about my Christmas day, part 2!

What did you do on Christmas morning?









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