For The Love Of Avocado And A New Planner!

On Tuesday, I went to the gym for the first time in a week, and as I’ve already discussed, the run was torturous.  I only managed 2 miles before heading to the elliptical. Wednesday, I vowed that I would run for an hour without stopping, no matter how tough it felt. Mission accomplished– I ran six miles, and then did an extra mile of sprints mixed with a mile of walking. I also lifted weights on both Tuesday (chest/back) and Wednesday (legs). On Thursday, I also hit the gym, completing a seven mile run, with an additional mile of sprinting mixed with a mile of walking.  I finally feel I have gotten into the swing of things, and it feels amazing!  I owe part of my comeback to my handy-dandy compression sleeves that I have been rocking religiously since I got them from my hubby for Christmas.







 On to something else… avocado perhaps?  We all know avocado is fabulous for you, full of healthy fats and antioxidants. I always vow to eat more avocado, but quite frankly, I find it to be quite boring when it is not in guacamole form.  Now that I am uber-focused on eating superfoods, I decided to give the old avocado another try.  Yesterday, I diced up half of a small avocado and topped leftover massaged kale salad with it, plus some sea salt and pepper.  I have to say, the semi-crunchy kale and garlicky dressing perfectly contrasted the mellow, creamy avocado.  Served along with a side of Mary’s crackers, this lunch was extremely satisfying. I am proud of my avocado experimentation, and I hope the dose of healthy fats will do me some good! 







On another random note– I purchased a planner yesterday!  I have been saying for months I wanted one, to keep track of workouts, meals, appointments, grocery lists, and other notable happenings.  I kind of think it will be half planner/half journal, where I chronicle whatever things that strike my fancy.  The planner starts on January 1, so I have a few days before I get to dig into it and get organized (though admittedly, I am pretty organized without a planner–I just like the idea of having one place to record all my lists and things!).







I am so looking forward to the New Year and all I hope it brings! I am a sucker for fresh starts!

Do you have a paper planner? How do you keep track of all the little things in life?

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