It’s Socca Time!

I know I have only been blogging about my lunches lately, but honestly, they’ve been the most exciting meal of the day.  On Thursday, I still had some massaged kale salad to eat, plus half of a browning avocado, but I still wanted to incorporate something new and nutritious into my meal.  Also, this something had to be carby and warm, since the salad was obviously cold.  I then remembered a little recipe I used to make before I started the blog, but haven’t made since:  socca!

I learned about socca from the Lori and Michelle at Pure2Raw, who pretty much have tried and mastered every variation of socca possible!  Socca, for those of you unfamiliar, is basically a savory pancake made of chickpea flour, which is a high protein, high fiber, and gluten-free.  Socca is so ridiculously easy to cook on the stove-top– I literally made it in less than ten minutes, which isn’t too shabby for a from-scratch, homemade bread alternative!

I figured I would give you a little bit of a tutorial on how I made my socca, since it so simple and delicious!

I started out with grabbing my bag of chickpea flour from the pantry.  I actually use Bob’s Red Mill chickpea/fava bean blend, which has 110 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber per quarter-cup!









Basically, I added a quarter cup of the flour into a small bowl, along with about 3/4 cup of water.  Don’t worry if your batter is extremely watery (like I thought mine was) because as soon as it hits the pan, the excess water burns off.  Anyway, you can add whatever spices you like to the batter:  I added sea salt, cracked back pepper, garlic powder, and turmeric, as well as a few finely chopped scallions.  Mix the batter well with a fork until all lumps of flour are gone.







Heat a medium-sized non-stick skillet on the stove.  Get it nice and hot!  I didn’t add any cooking spray because nothing sticks to my skillet, but feel free to oil the pan or spray some non-stick spray on it if you feel it’s necessary.  Once the pan is piping hot, pour in the batter and swirl around, like you are making a crepe!  The batter will spread all the way to the edges since it is so liquidy.














Cook the socca for 8 to 10 minutes on one side, until a spatula can easily lift up the socca.  Be careful, because though it looks firm right away, it will still be mushy inside for a while before it can safely be lifted.  Just use your best judgement, but keep in mind when the socca is ready to flip, you should be able to put the whole pancake on the spatula and it should hold together!


 After flipping, cook it for about five more minutes on the other side, until both sides boast a nice, brown exterior.  Serve warm!


 This socca was incredible for a variety of reasons.  First, the combo of garlic and green spring onions was heavenly.  Second, for just about 110 calories, you end up with a ginormous piece of bread that is both high protein and high fiber.  Additionally, keep in mind you are basically just eating ground beans, which is so extremely good for you.  Lastly, it is easy-peasy to make, especially in single-serve portions.

I ate the whole pancake with a huge serving of my massaged kale salad from a few days ago (it lives on!), plus half of an avocado diced with a sliced mini seedless cucumber on top.  The socca was so tasty, especially when I stuffed some of the avocado in it!


Another anti-inflammatory, plant-based, and minimally processed meal down in the books!  And that’s the second recipe I have thrown at you in a week!  Not bad!  And, there’s more to come!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Have you ever tried socca?





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