Enzymes and Probiotics

First and foremost– Happy New Year!  I just love this day– fresh with intention and possibility!  Or you can just look at it as the ultimate lazy day– whatever floats your boat!  While I won’t go into a full recap of 2011, I will just point out one major personal accomplishment that I am proud of this year, and of course, it’s this blog!  I truly love this space to indulge my interests in food, fitness, and health, and most of all, I appreciate all of you out there who have supported me in the conception and creation of it, as well as those who come to visit everyday!  Thank you so much!

Moving on, this week, with lots of time on my hands, I began thinking about ways I can be proactive with easing some of  my intestinal woes and inflammatory issues mentioned in previous posts.  One thing that has been on my mind is natural supplementation that could potentially work to ease some of my symptoms (which include upset stomach, bloating, and pain).  Upon reading Crazy Sexy Diet, I decided to give both digestive enzymes and probiotics (two supplements Kris Carr recommends) a try.  So, a few days ago, I went to Whole Foods and purchased both supplements.  As far as brands, I bought ones that I have read positive reviews about on blogs that I adore, such as Gena’s Choosing Raw and Averie’s Love Veggies and Yoga (these links will take you to their posts on supplementation).

I decided on the MegaFood Megazymes digestive enzyme supplement.  Instructions state to take one before meals as needed, so I have been taking just one a day before lunch for starters.  As terms of ingredients, this blend contains 7 enzymes, herbs like marshmallow root and ginger, as well as probiotics.  The only other ingredient is plant cellulose, which is what the capsule is made of.  Therefore, this is a supplement with minimal added ingredients, thus the reason why I settled upon it.  It’s too early to tell if it helps, but I will keep you updated!

As far as the probiotics I purchased, I went with Jarrow’s shelf-stable Jarro-Dophilus, which boasts 8 strains of probiotics in a vegetarian capsule.  It seemed like a pretty popular brand for vegetarians, so this decision was a bit easier than the one on digestive enzymes.  Again, I am starting with just one before lunch, and we’ll see how I feel!

I am pretty proud of myself for seeking these remedies out on my own.  I have been suffering with digestive issues since I was in high school, so you can imagine how desperate I am for some relief.  I truly hope that these supplements, along with a healthy diet will go a long way in reducing my symptoms!

In addition, I am taking prescription strength iron and vitamin D pills, as recent blood work detected my deficiencies in those nutrients.  So far, the iron has not done a number on my stomach as it has in the past!

Like I said, I will certainly keep you updated on how this all works out!

Do you take any supplements?  If so, have you noticed any noticeable differences or improvements in your health?



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