Thursday’s Road to Relaxation

Thursday has always been the most “tired” day of the week for me and yesterday was no different.  I try to keep my Thursday schedule after work free and open to ensure plenty of time to relax and decompress, just so I can recoup a bit before the push for the weekend!  I tend to keep workouts light too, since my higher-than-usual fatigue that rolls on in on Thursdays does not allow for much in regards to a strenuous workout!

Like I said, yesterday was exhausting.  School wasn’t bad, but by the time the dismissal bell rang at 1:28, I had a huge headache and could only think of going home to crawl under the covers and fall asleep.  However, I knew if I did that, I would not be happy with myself–  I figured a trip to the gym, though I sincerely dreaded it, would help with my aching temples and at the very least, help me forget about my never-ending workday.

I thought it would be fun to share with you the steps I took to achieve ultimate relaxation yesterday.  It took a few hours to get there, but all my efforts placed me in my favorite position (feet up, watching television) by 5 P.M. with nothing to do but just veg out!  I’ll break it all down for you. . .

1:28:  School dismisses, work is over.  I debate whether or not I should finish correcting the day’s assignments at school and stay after for about thirty minutes, or if I should just take them home to deal with them later.  As anyone who is preparing for a night of ultimate relaxation knows, you must not take the road which will leave you with one more thing to do when you get home.  Rather, it is best to do school work at school, because then, you don’t even have to take the school bag home!  One less thing to carry=one less stress!  So, I ended staying after to finish any leftover school work for the day, which meant I could leave school (as symbolized by my school bag) at school!

2:00:  I hop in the car and drive immediately to the gym.  While I had zero interest in working out, I understood that not working out and wasting a perfectly good “gym hour” would only leave me feeling more unsettled later.  I decide to complete a low-key workout, mixing up cardio machines for a total of an hour to prevent boredom!
IMG_3923  Gym Bag

3:15:  I leave the gym, and honestly cannot even really remember why I was so stressed after school.  That alone is my number one reason for trying to always get to the gym after work– it is such a nice transition from school-mode to relaxation-mode, so that by the time I leave the gym, my work day is just a distant memory!

3:30:  I enter Tealuxe, my favorite tea shop in Providence.  As I was on the elliptical earlier, I had visions in my head of how truly comforting a nice, steaming cup of Almond Rooibos would be once I was able to kick my feet up and plant myself in front of the television.  I ordered a large tea, grabbed it to go, and headed straight home.
IMG_3925 Tealuxe Outside

3:45:  I am finally home!  I immediately do two things that I know will make me feel so much better for having gotten them out of the way early rather than in the evening.  With my coat still on, I headed immediately to the kitchen to make my lunch for tomorrow.  That involved washing my container from Thursday’s lunch, drying it, and filling it up for Friday’s lunch.  I kind of hate making my lunch for the next day, so getting this task done with was key to feeling more relaxed.

3:55:  My tea sits on the counter, waiting for me to start sipping.  However, I let it cool a bit by doing one more task on my “must do tonight but don’t feel like it list,” which is wash my hair.  I have taken to washing my hair in the evenings rather than in the mornings, but yesterday, I decided to do it nice and early!  The thing I dread most about hopping into the shower is feeling cold afterwards, so I cranked the heat and washed my locks!

4:20:  Shower done, hair wet, and almost ready to achieve ultimate relaxation mode.  There is one piece of clothing that I must wear in order to feel nice and cozy– my thick, luxurious slipper-socks that my momma bought for me.  These socks are more important to me in the process of relaxing than sweatpants or a sweatshirt!  Gotta have my slipper socks because cold feet are the opposite of relaxing!
IMG_3926 Cozy Socks

4:21:  I grab my tea and a snack-size bag of Trader Joe’s raw trail mix.  I head on over to the living room, collapse on my chair, and kick my feet up once and for all.  I put on Pretty Little Liars, and take my first sip of my Almond Rooibos, which is at perfect sipping temperature.  With that first drink, I sink back a bit more in my chair and completely zone out to the drama of one of my favorite television shows.  I have no plans of moving until dinner time.  Ultimate relaxation was finally achieved!
IMG_3927 Tealuxe and TJ's trail mix

How do you unwind after a hard day’s work?

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