Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From The Blogosphere This Week!

Last week, I began a new series over here at Dash of Curry, in which I highlight my top five posts from the big bad blog world each week!  I love reading healthy living blogs because I always learn something new, they motivate me to eat better and train harder, and they make me feel a part of a community that shares the same passions and interests as I do– a community that makes me feel at ease and welcome when I feel discussing things like sprouted quinoa or what’s new at Trader Joe’s!

That being said, I now present to you my favorite blog posts of the week!

1)  Best Healthy Version Of  A Superbowl Favorite:  Nothing says Superbowl Sunday like spinach and artichoke dip or a steaming bowl of chili.  Since I am vegan right now, the cheesy, gooey dip I used to frequently enjoy is no longer an option.  Nor is the typical Superbowl chili, often made with beef or other meat and topped with cheese or sour cream.  However, Chelsey at Clean Eating Chelsey has combined both of the above mentioned football night staples into one vegan, gluten-free dish in the form of Spinach and Artichoke White Bean Chili!  Imagine a chili that tastes like my beloved spinach-artichoke dip, fits all of my dietary requirements, looks easy to make, and undoubtedly is delicious!  I just went out to buy everything I need for this recipe, and will be making it shortly!  I can’t wait, and I applaud Chelsey for the genius idea!


2)  Best Inspirational Post:  I usually gravitate towards blogs that focus on food and fitness, and one of my favorite vegan food blogs is Angela’s, over at Oh She Glows.  Every week she posts recipes that cause me to salivate, and her posts are so well-written, detailed, and informative that she makes everything look like a cinch to prepare!  This week, Angela addressed a slightly different topic on her blog that really struck home with me since I share similar experiences– her struggle with anxiety.  I related to her anecdote, beautifully conveyed in her post Camelback Mountain: One Step At A Time,  in which she literally conquered her fears by hiking a mountain, because I too often feel I limit myself by my own-self imposed rules, misconceptions, and fears.  Her story of breaking out of her comfort zone to do something that she thought may be too much is exactly what I needed to read, when I needed to read it, in order for me to also conquer a few things I didn’t think I could.  Please read her story, as it may just be the push you need to do something you think you can’t do.

3)  Best New (To Me) Product Alert:  As you know, I kind of am obsessed with trying new foodie finds, particularly ones that are vegan or gluten-free.  Any time a blogger fills me in on something I may be interested in, I instantly feel like I must have it.  The newest thing on my gotta-have-it-list, thanks to Bianca at Vegan Crunk, is . . . Good Karma’s Unsweetened Flax Seed Milk!  I love a good non-dairy milk and have tried what seemed like them all, from soy to hemp to almond, rice, and coconut.  But flax?  No way!  I am officially on the hunt for it, and thank you to Bianca for posting here about it and even letting me know it exists!


4)  Best Easy Cookie Recipe:  Tina at Carrots N’ Cake seriously creates the most delicious-looking EASY cookie recipes ever!  Whenever she puts a cookie recipe on her blog, I know it won’t be complicated, but it will yield one amazing cookie!  This week, she posted her recipe for Cherry Walnut Almond Flour Cookies.   I love this recipe for many reasons:  first, it uses almond flour, which is one of those things I have in the pantry but hardly ever use.  Second, it includes dried cherries, which I also have in my pantry but never eat, and lastly, it can easily be veganized by using Earth Balance and a flax egg.  The cookies themselves look crispy on the outside, but nice and chewy in the middle, and though I am not a cookie-maker at heart, I feel like I could whip a vegan version of these up with fantastic results!


5)  Best Version of A Superbowl Favorite 2:  I know, I know, I already did this category, but I have to say, Emily’s “Cheesy” Black Bean Dip (visit her at Daily Garnish!) as a vegan spin on classic bean dip blows my mind!  It consists of all clean ingredients that I always have on hand and requires no more effort than processing a handful of ingredients all together.  I first-hand know that Emily has a knack for making vegan versions of cheesy favorites taste authentic because I tried her recipe for vegan broccoli and “cheese” soup a while ago, and it was as good, if not better, than the real thing!  I plan on making this dip for any Superbowl gathering I may be invited to, and if I am not invited anywhere, than I will make it all for myself!

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did!

What was your favorite post from the blogosphere this week?  Link away!


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