Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From The Blogosphere This Week!

Another week, another round of inspirational, entertaining, motivating, thoughtful, and just plain fun posts posted throughout the bloggy world this week!  Superbowl recipes and ideas obviously dominated most of the blogosphere these past seven days, so I thought I would highlight my favorite non-Superbowl posts I enjoyed this week, for those of you (like myself) who don’t really celebrate Superbowl Sunday in any grandiose fashion!


Best Fitness Plan Recap/Review:  As someone who is always looking for ways to mix up my exercise routine (and also searching for ideas on how to exercise less but still gain results), I really enjoy reading bloggers’ experiences with fitness plans and programs they have tried.  One plan in particular seems to be cropping up everywhere:  Jamie Eason’s Livefit 12 Week Trainer, which is free and complete with both fitness and nutrition ideas and plans.  This plan caught my attention a while ago when I read somewhere that there’s no cardio to be done in the first phase of the plan, which sounds both like a blessing and curse.


Anyway, I won’t tell you  more about it because another lovely lady does a much better job at that:  Janetha at Meals and Moves penned an informative and very well-explained recap of her experiences completing the plan.  Her post is not only informational, but quite inspirational– just look at the pictures showing her phenomenal progress and results!

2)  Best Explanation Of A Foodie Phenomena As Seen On Top Chef:  I watch Top Chef Texas religiously, and the latest Pee Wee Herman episode was one of my favorites because I could actually relate to and identify the food the chefs had to cook for their quickfire– pancakes!  Sometimes, they are required to make such exotic and just plain weird things that I just can’t get into the episode because the food somehow seems too “out there.”  That happened a few weeks ago with the chefs had to utilize cutting edge and modern cooking techniques to create their dishes, most of which I had no idea what they were prior to the episode.  Well, when I read Elina of Healthy and Sane’s post about her dinner party featuring Miracle Berry tablets (one of the modern twists on a dish prepared on Top Chef), I was immediately intrigued.


She explained the miracle that are these berries (if you eat one of the tablets, it makes something you then consume that is sour taste sweet!) and also documented a whole dinner party in which these berry tablets were eaten to change the tastes of the foods served!  She broke down an “out there” concept into terms so straightforward, even I now feel like an expert on these here miracle berries.  Thanks Elina for demystifying one of the Top Chef techniques for me!

3)  Best Quiz:  Don’t quizzes just conjure up the days of high school, when you totally forgot your notebook at home and therefore could not study for the quiz, for which you then prepare for with a five-minute homeroom cram session (I see it everyday– I am a teacher after all!).  Well, I am always happy to come across a quiz that actually gives me insight about myself– I have always been a fan of the kinds of quizzes that pop up in health or fitness magazines.  This week the lovely Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie posted a quiz that helped me come to terms with just how addicted I am to . . . chocolate of course!  If you too are concerned about your chocolate intake as of late, hop over to her blog to determine if you have a choco problem. . . or just to find a delicious chocolate recipe!


4)  Best Vegan Feast:  Posts around big holidays are always a blast to read (think Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. . . ) because of the sheer amount of yummy food featured on or around those days.  I love reading about epic dinners that feature so many courses you lose count, or lunches that begin at noon and end when everyone passes out on the couch to the lullaby that is football.  Well, these days, there’s not much hope for reading about these kinds of family feasts, as it’s February, and the closest we’ll get to that kind of gluttony is of course, today, which for me just does not hold the same mystique at holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.  However, Christine at The Raw Project recently featured a vegan Sunday feast  she and her family prepared that blew my socks off!  Massaged kale salad, lentil loaf, and even gingerbread bars. . . wow!  It’s exactly the kind of meal I want to eat the next time I have occasion to indulge in a feast!  Hats off to reminding us all that feasts don’t just have to happen on holidays!

5.  Best Creep OutChelsey  got me last week with her Spinach and Artichoke Chili (which by the way I have made already and is outstanding!), and just this past Friday, she got me again.  This time, there was no smile on my face. . . rather an expression of horror (in a good, I-like-to-get-creeped-out-by-weird-things-on-the-internet way).  OK, I lie, in the end, there was a smile on my face because ultimately, the mess-with-your-mind picture she featured in her Fun Facts Friday post did have me giggling after I stared at it for a good few minutes!  If you like hidden/subliminal images or picture games that both fascinate while simultaneously leaving you with a shudder, check out this post now!

Do you have any favorite posts of the week?  Link away!

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