How I Spent My Friday Morning

Yesterday was a special morning– it was my last free weekday morning on vacation!  I knew I had to spend it right– no lazing around on the couch watching television (because that’s what I did later in the afternoon!).  Instead, I did some things both familiar and new!

I woke up around 5 A.M.; despite the fact I am on vacation, I still have been waking up at 5 everyday with no alarm.  In fact, some days I have been getting up around 3:30 in the morning wide awake!  I stayed in bed, attempting to sleep until at least 5, which is when I give myself permission to wake up.  Yesterday was no exception– I technically got out of bed at 4:58, ready to start my day.

First things first– coffee and breakfast!  I had my usual granola bowl, this time with some Cafe Gratitude raw granola, coconut kefir, a banana, cinnamon, and a tablespoon of raw almond butter.
IMG_3858 I Am Great Granola With Kefir

I enjoyed this favorite breakfast of mine while watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore.  Remember my own encounter with Pauly D?  I kind of like the fact the roommates are getting along for the most part this season–there’s a lot less screaming (I’m looking at you Sam and Ronnie) and a lot more lighthearted shenanigans, which I tend to find much more entertaining.

I watched the whole episode, did some blog stuff, took a shower, and was ready to hit the gym for a run.  I ran a seven-miler that I originally wanted to be a ten-miler, but during the run I started to get weird pains near my left butt-cheek that got worse as I kept running.  The pain was a “nervy” pain, not just muscular, so I cut the run short to prevent any worsening.  As I write this, the pain has gotten better, but today will definitely be a low-key rest day.  Better to be safe and skip a workout or two than be sorry and be stuck with an injury!

I finished at they gym around 8:30 A.M. and really wanted to do something fun rather than just go home since this kind of weekday morning freedom is so rare for me.  I decided to go “adventure shopping,” which is when you go to random discount type of stores with no goal other than to find a few good bargains.  Unfortunately, most stores don’t open up around here until 9:30 or 10 in the morning, and I obviously was way ahead of that schedule!  However, after some googling, I found that Ocean State Job Lot, a fantastic place to score a bargain on random things, opened at 8!  Jackpot!

I actually puttered around Job Lot, known for its huge selection of Bob’s Red Mill products for a good half an hour or so, but didn’t end up buying anything.  The last time I went there, I scored big time on the Bob’s Red Mill stuff, but I didn’t need any more this time around!

Next up, I went to TJ Maxx, with the goal of scoring some name brand but cheap gym shorts.  I got a pair of Nike Tempos there a few days ago for only fifteen bucks, so I went to a different location to check out their selection.  I didn’t find any Nikes, but I did grab a few great items!
IMG_4106  TJ Maxx Bag

I purchased a pair of New Balance running shorts and a pair of Puma running shorts for only fifteen dollars each!  Both were pink and black, which is one of my favorite color schemes in athletic wear.
IMG_4107  TJ Maxx Shorts

I also scooped these black Puma pants, which I love for pulling on over my running shorts after I am finished on the treadmill but am about to lift weights.
IMG_4108  Puma Pants

After TJ’s, it was Homegoods time!  I skip all the actual home stuff– I just go straight to the gourmet food section.  Homegoods often sells some random and interesting “health foods,” so I went scouting to see what I could dig up.  I managed to find one treat that is right up my alley!
IMG_4109  Homegoods Bag
I had seen this Laughing Giraffe brand of raw vegan macaroons online for about ten bucks, and I almost ordered them!  Thankfully I didn’t, since there they were, sitting on the shelf at Homegoods of all places!  And for 6.99, it’s still a bit pricey but cheaper than if I were to purchase them online.
IMG_4110 Goji Maca Macaroons from Homegoods

Finally, after my adventures in bargain shopping, I took a twenty minute detour to track down a new-to-me natural foods store, The Good Seed, in nearby Seekonk, Massachusetts.  I found it thanks to my GPS, and spent a few minutes there checking it out.
IMG_4105  The Good Seed

It was pretty small, and while it had a decent selection of “health foods,” there wasn’t anything there that I hadn’t already seen somewhere else.  When I go to natural foods stores, I like to find new-to-me foods, but nothing sparked my interest this time around, which is probably better off when considering my bank account!

By the time I got home, it was nearly 11.  I successfully managed to spend a few precious hours of glorious weekday morning vacation time doing something I truly enjoy.  I came home satisfied and ready to put my feet up and watch more tv!  Gotta do it when I can, right?

How would you ideally spend a free weekday morning? 

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