Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere This Week!

Sadly, my school vacation week comes to an end today, but I am satisfied and content with how I spent this past week.  I used the time to return to some of the hobbies I always enjoyed doing in the past, but have kind of let fall by the wayside in recent months.  Mainly, shopping for clothes came back into my life in a new way!  I haven’t made concerted efforts to update my wardrobe in a while, and in the process of doing so this week, I fell back in love with this neglected past time!  Sorry husband but the credit card is officially back in action!


In the spirit of bringing back forgotten passions, this week I will focus on my favorite posts that reminded me to not neglect the little things in life that do currently or (have in the past) give me joy. Sometimes it takes a little vacation time– and some inspirational bloggers– to realize fun can be infused into life everyday, not just on vacation!


1)  Best Joyful Salad:  I eat salad everyday, and I always try to keep them interesting and festive in addition to being extremely nutritious, but I am not going to fib– sometimes eating salad day in and day out can get a bit mundane.  Fortunately, Bobbi of N Her Shoes reminded me that salads don’t have to be same old, same old when she posted about her stunningly creative Ball jar salads.  The concept is simple but brilliant– just layer up your salad ingredients in a Ball jar ahead of time, grab one when the time is right and dump into a bowl.  The jar o’ salad itself is so pretty that when you take it out at lunch, you will undoubtedly feel that your mid-day meal is that much more special.  Thanks Bobbi for making salads fun again!


2)  Best Post To Bring The Joy Back Into My Running:  Almost every single runner I know at one point experiences some degree of malaise towards running when training.  I certainly get sick of pounding out the miles on the treadmill sometimes, wondering why in the world I am doing this. . . again!  However, reading blogs is fantastic to keep running motivation high, especially when you encounter race recaps in which the runner basically describes the race of their life!  Freya, of Brit Chic Runs, recounts in her post Brighton Half Marathon Race Recap– The Most Incredible Race of My Life how amazing an experience she had PRing in this epic race.  The sheer joy and happiness she garnered from having owned this race and the sense of accomplishment she so beautifully describes helped re-ignite my love of running and my appreciation for all running does for me!  Congratulations Freya for your fantastic race!!

3)  Best Reminder That You Can Make Your Everyday Life Feel Like A Vacation:  When Andie of Can You Stay For Dinner revealed she would be living with a friend in Central America to write her book, I gave her a virtual high five!  I think it takes a lot of guts and courage to actually live out your dreams, rather than just talk about them as I am often one to do, so reading about her beginning a new life adventure certainly sparked a kind of hopeful urge in me.  Her latest post, This Costa Rican Life:  Episode One, documents just some of the whimsy she has encountered, and by sharing with us readers some of her magical experiences, she too is inspiring readers like me that real life can be more vacation-like if you just stop, take it in, and find the beauty in it.  Home or away, life is always full of joy, and Andie does a breathtaking job of finding her joy and inspiring us with it!

4)   Best Fun Food Experiment:  If you read my blog regularly, you know that when it comes to daily eats, I am pretty repetitive. I rotate through a few standard breakfasts, usually have a big salad for lunch, and eat either a greens or bean based veggie dish with a grain and steamed veggies for dinner, followed by fruit and chocolate for dessert.  I have a million recipe ideas and kitchen experiments running through my head that I want to give a go, but when it comes down to it, I rarely get super creative or inventive in the kitchen.  This past week, Lynn of The Actor’s Diet wrote in her post And In The Morning, I’m Making Waffles about her first brush with a waffle iron that she borrowed to test out to see if she really wanted one.  A waffle iron is one of those things I wish I had, but in reality, probably would never use.  However, just the fact she had some fun experimenting with a new kind of cooking for her reminded me that I should do the same.  By bringing  some innovation into the kitchen on a more daily basis, I feel like I may feel more amped about food prep overall.  Thanks Lynn for making me remember it is energizing to try new things in the kitchen, even if they don’t always work out as planned!


5)  Best New Veggie-Variation Alert:  Half of the posts I write are about novel foodie finds and discoveries I make as I experiment more with a higher raw, vegan, and gluten-free diet.  I equally love reading about when other bloggers find quirky or unique foods that just may spark my interest.  I just read a post from my favorite resident snacker, Kailey over at Snackface, titled Two You Need to Try.  As you can imagine, she features a recent snack discovery she loves that sounds like something I too would equally adore, from dear Target of all places.  While you should head over to her blog to find out what it is, let’s just say I think I just learned of a great way to find even more joy than I already do from the humble carrot!

Wow, this was a wordy one!  I will leave you then with one last sentiment:  I hope you find some inspiration, either from these here bloggers or from elsewhere, to infuse more joy into your day-to-day routines.  It’s possible, and it’s worth it!

Have you read any interesting blog posts lately?  Feel free to link away!  How do you find joy in the everyday?

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