Happy Face, Sad Face

This past weekend was one of both ups and downs, but fortunately mostly ups!  Since a nice straightforward list is always appropriate for a Monday, I thought I would go that route today and share some highlights and lowlights from the past few days!  I’ll start with all the bad news first. . .

1)  I’m injured.  On Saturday, I experienced awful pain that I believe is a result of a groin pull.  Honestly, I didn’t even know girls could pull their groins– seems like such a guy thing!  I have a high tolerance for pain, so the fact that the mere act of walking brought tears to my eyes a few times definitely indicated something was gravely wrong.  I iced and rested on the couch the entire day Saturday, and any time I had to go to the bathroom or kitchen, my husband carried me!  I couldn’t put any pressure on my left leg, and when my husband left for a few hours, I even resorted to crawling.


Had a hot date with an ice pack all weekend!


2)  Vacation’s over, and it’s back to work I go today.  I know, I know, I am being a whiner/complainer.  You don’t have to tell me that I am lucky to even have a week off in February because I know that and am thankful for it.  But I don’t think anyone would disagree with the notion that going back to work after a vacation kind of sucks!  I am making the best of it though– I made sure to do all my schoolwork early on in my vacation so that I could really enjoy the last few days of it without having anything hanging over my head.  I therefore feel quite prepared going into this workday, which is a good feeling.


3)  Injury equals no running for a bit.  I missed my long run for the week, as well as any run I would have done yesterday and today.  I fully understand how important rest is to recovery– this is not something I want to be a recurring, nagging injury.  Still, being unable to run when I really want to makes me feel a bit agitated.

But, enough with the negative talk. . . let’s move on to the positives!

1)  Injury equals lots of television time, couch time, and total relaxation time.  I am not one who is comfortable with doing nothing all day, but hey, when forced to do just that, it is not so bad!  I cleaned out my DVR, took a few naps, and even managed to enjoy the latest issue of one of my favorite mags!  It may be the man issue, but I still enjoyed it!
IMG_4117  Veg News Man Issue

2) I had some Coracao Rawmond Dark Chocolate that made my Friday night!  In one of my online ordering extravaganzas, I ordered one of these Rawmond bars from The Raw Food World.
IMG_4111 Rawmind Butter Bar
It is huge, so I chopped it up into quarters.
IMG_4112  Rawmond Butter bar opened
It’s basically raw almond butter enveloped in raw dark chocolate– a dream dessert if you ask me!
IMG_4116 Piece rawmond butter bar on napkin 2
Fortunately, I still have three substantial chunks left to savor!

3)  My injury has led me think outside of my standard “workout” box.  On Saturday morning, I was a lot less in pain and a lot more mobile– in other words I could walk!  Knowing I still had to take it extremely easy, I decided to go to the gym and try something new.  I ended up spending an hour on the rowing machine!  I have never tried the rowing machine before, but since it puts absolutely no pressure on my afflicted areas, I was able to row away without any strain!  While I didn’t sweat as much as I normally do running, I could totally feel it later in my back, arms, and shoulders.  Also, it was still a good cardio workout.  I am quite happy with having found a nice cross-training option to my usual leg heavy cardio routines.


So there we have it.  While I definitely had a setback this weekend, I like to think either it happened for a reason (my body needs a break from all the running) or it was a blessing in disguise for giving me no other choice but to really take a breather and expand my workout horizon to incorporate less high impact activities.  No one or nothing caused this injury other than myself and not properly enabling my body to recover between workouts.  I have learned a valuable lesson, and despite the fact it is quite annoying, I am glad to have had this time to reflect upon and reassess my exercise routine.

Have you ever had an exercise-related injury?  How did you cope?

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