My (Past) Week In Fitness (Part 8)

Overdoing it and injury– definitely the theme of the week.  I was so eager to run a lot because I was on school break for a week, that I stupidly decided to increase my mileage and run practically everyday.  The first few morning exercise sessions were incredible– I was working out at my favorite time of the day and had all the time in the world to get in more miles than I usually do during a normal work week.  Of course, my body started to show signs that something wasn’t quite right, and I ignored them.  The result?  Not being able to run now for at least a few days, if not a few weeks.  Boo.


So let’s see how it all went down.  Let this be a lesson to you (me)– just because you (I) have more free time it does not mean you  (I) should exercise more!  Lofty goals, ambition, and enthusiasm are great, but do only what your body can handle, period.

Tuesday, February 21:  9.1 miles on the treadmill (6 run, 3.1 miles walked)

So you don’t have to look back to last week’s fitness recap, just remember that I ran 9 miles the day before, plus walked a whole bunch.  So, my Tuesday 6-miler was coming off of a fairly long run (for me) the day before.  Looking back, that’s where my “overdoing it” began.  I should have done some cross training on Tuesday to give my legs a break from running.

Cross-training: Just Do It.


Wednesday, February 22:  10.1 miles on the treadmill (3 mile run, .4 mile sprint/.1 mile walk intervals until I reached total sprint mileage of 3.5 miles, making for a total of 6.5 miles running), rest cool-down walking until total overall mileage hit 10.1 miles; weightlifting for legs (6 exercises, 3 sets each)

I pushed it hard on Wednesday.  I had lots of energy and wanted to increase the length of my normal sprint intervals.  I have to say, this workout was so awesome and satisfying– I felt so energized afterwards and quite proud of myself for my performance.  However, looking back, this is day three of running consecutively for me, which probably was not a smart plan for my body.

Thursday, February 23:  7.5 miles treadmill walking; weightlifting for chest and back (6 exercises, 3 sets each)

I finally took a break from running, but still chose the treadmill as my exercise equipment of choice.  It was on Thursday while walking that I started to feel some weird twinges in my groin area.  They weren’t terribly painful, just little pangs here and there.  Looking back, it was here when I should have taken a few days off from exercise to ensure those pangs didn’t pan out to a full-blown injury.

Friday, February 24:  10.25 miles on the treadmill (7 miles run, rest walked)

I had grand plans for this run.  I wanted to get my long run in on Friday so my weekend would be free and clear.  I went into this run with high hopes for a successful ten-miler.  My legs were into it, my brain was into it, but unfortunately, other parts of my body were not.  Those twinges from Thursday revealed themselves full force, and by mile seven, the thought of running further almost brought tears to my eyes.  I stopped and silly me felt that “walking it out” may be the solution, hence why I accumulated three more additional miles.  The pain did lessen when walking, but did not completely go away.  After the gym, I went shopping, and it was getting into and out of the car a few times to realize how bad I hurt myself.  Stupid, stupid me.  By the time I got home, I couldn’t walk.  Let’s just say the rest of the day was spent immobile, on the couch, loaded down with ice packs and unable to get to even the kitchen and bathroom unless my husband carried me.


Saturday, February 25:  60 minutes of indoor rowing, one hour of beginners yoga

I woke up Saturday feeling much better– but it’s all relative.  “Much better” just meant able to walk without crying.  I woke up super early as usual, and decided that though this injury was going to keep me from putting pressure on my legs, it didn’t have to mean I would mope around all day.  So, I went to the gym and decided to try something new– the indoor rowing machine.  I listened to Jillian Michaels as I rowed away, and felt absolutely no pain whatsover while doing so.  Talk about being forced into cross training!  As far as yoga, I knew I didn’t have to do anything that would cause me pain since it is such a slow-paced beginners class.  I ended up pretty much able to do all the stretches, and I think they actually helped ease my pain a bit.

Sunday, February 26:  70 minutes crosstrainer

How weird was it to wake up and not dash out the door to fit in a run before the husband woke up!  I had a leisurely Sunday morning, and decided to wait for my husband to rise so we could go to the gym together for an hour or so.  I have to admit, not running is giving me a bit of anxiety, and I know that is a sign of a slightly unhealthy relationship with running and exercise overall.  I honestly am using this time to reassess my approach to running.  Once I am all healed up, I know I can and will run again– I just need to be a whole lot smarter about it and give myself adequate rest days and plenty of cross-training.  This week off from running is going to be difficult, but I am trying to use it as an opportunity to prove to myself that not running does not mean I am not myself.

Monday, February 27:  30 minutes rowing machine, 30 minutes stationary bike, weightlifting for arms and shoulders (7 exercises, 3 sets each)

Back to work I went yesterday!  It actually was refreshing to know, after a long first-day back to teaching, I didn’t have to jump on a treadmill all tired and stuff to get in the miles.  Instead, I focused more on lifting, and threw in a bit of easy cardio.  I definitely did not feel like running after school, and for once, I gave myself permission not to!


Wow– in re-reading this past week’s fitness recap, I see how injury was almost inevitable.  I went out way to hard for my body early on in the week, only to pay for it later.  I am lucky that my injury is not worse than it is, and you better believe the theme of this coming week is honoring my body to the fullest.  Hopefully, all will be well and good by the time next week’s recap comes around, and until then, I am focusing on full recovery.

How was your past week in fitness?  Did you suffer any setbacks?  How do you deal with fitness setbacks?

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