Boston Shop-a-ganza

About two weekends ago, my Boston adventures included walking, eating, and of course, lots of shopping!  In fact, one of our main missions for our Boston trip was so I could hit up some of my favorite stores and buy some clothes!  See, I am not a habitual clothing shopper– I spend most of my “fun things” allowance on all the random and interesting foods I order online!  While I love clothes, it’s just not something I obsess over or even spend a lot of time shopping for.  When I do shop though, I go all out and try to pick up pieces I absolutely love and hopefully will last a long time.  Staying somewhat fashionable is important to me, especially since I work with high school kids who analyze everything you wear!

My first stop in Boston was at my ultimate fashion mecca– figure it would be a store geared towards fitness wear, right?  Lululemon, here I come!
IMG_4062  Lululemon Sign
Though Rhode Island finally has a Lululemon showroom, it still does not carry the full line, or even have all sizes of the gear it does have.  I have gone to the Rhode Island showroom twice in hopes to buy a hoodie, but both times they did not have my size.  The Boston store, however, had tons of variety and plenty of sizes.

I am fortunate to have a husband who supports my Lululemon clothing addiction, and he encouraged me to get not just one, but two of the items I died for.

First up, I took home this lovely lightweight sweatshirt. . .
IMG_4063  Light Blue Lululemon
as well as this awesome lightweight purple plaid running jacket!
IMG_4064  Lululemon Jacket Plaid

The blue zip-up was extremely cute– nice and long, fits the body perfectly, and has the signature Lululemon thumbholes I love.  The jacket is sweat-wicking and water-resistant– perfect for when I begin running outdoors in the spring!
IMG_4065  2 New Lululemons
After Lululemon, we stopped at a cupcakerie who was rumored to have vegan cupcakes.  Unfortunately, Sweet only has vegan cupcakes on Mondays, so we were out of luck on that one!
IMG_4066  Sweet Boston
We continued along Newbury Street until we arrived at perhaps my second favorite shopping mecca– Anthropologie.  If there is one store that I think encapsulates my style, or better yet the style I strive to embody, it is Anthropologie.  I heart its whimsical, girly, colorful, patterned, hippie, hipster vibe.

Since it was Presidents Day weekend, Anthropologie was having some hardcore sales, so I avoided all full-price items in hopes of scoring a deal or two.  I tried on a few things, but found two major bargains.

First, I purchased this gorgeous dress, for only eighty-nine dollars!  It’s strapless, and though it is hard to see in the picture, is sports a paisly-ish Indian pattern accented by the golden embroidery.  Very pretty, and very me!
IMG_4067  Anthro dress
I also got this jacket, which to me was very Kardashian-esque.  I love the polka-dot grey lining!
IMG_4068  Anthro jacket
After Anthropologie, we went to a store I always waltz by without a second thought.  However, that day I was in the mood to browse, so my husband and I went to Victoria Secret’s Pink store.  I avoid it back in Rhode Island because it is a place in which I am bound to run into a student, since Pink-wear is quite popular in the high school I work at.  Since I was incognito in Boston though, I figured I would check it out.  Secretly, I always wanted one Pink item– just not the pants that say Pink on the butt– I personally don’t think I could get away with that!

Once again, my supportive hubby spotted the perfect Pink sweatshirt for me– a bright pink (what else?) half-zip yoga pullover.  I tried it on and instantly knew it had to be mine!


I didn’t snap a pic, but the above is the one I bought!  I now have satisfied my inner high school teenager!

And that was just the damage done in day one!  The next day, I made a killing at Urban Outfitters. . . but I will leave that for another time.

One last thing. . . remember when I mentioned I ordered some Tom’s ballet flats on-line?  Well, they finally came in– I am a proud owner of these Lina woven flats:


I think the pattern is adorable, and I can’t wait to wear these with my skinnies!   A final word to the wise:  if your order Tom’s flats, go down an entire size!  I am normally a size eight, but the seven fit perfectly.  The clerk at Nordstrom’s informed me that many people had to bring them back to exchange the shoes for a smaller size since they run so big!

What is the last thing you bought?  What’s your favorite clothing or shoe store?



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