Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere This Week!

Daylight Savings time is such a little devil.  Last Sunday, I thought I kicked its behind– I woke up early, felt great all day, and figured that lost hour of sleep wouldn’t impact me at all. Then the rest of the week happened, and I realized just how badly Daylight Savings kicked my behind!  I was tired and dragging pretty much all week!  While I will embrace the extra daylight hours with open arms, I was kind of annoyed that those hours came at the cost of being so tired!  Hopefully, my body will be nice and adjusted this coming week, which is supposed to be great weather-wise (almost seventy!) all week.


Of course, since yesterday was St. Patrick’s day, I stumbled upon many blog posts dedicated to green foods and other St. Patrick’s day-related shenanigans.  While I do not personally go all out for St. Paddy’s Day, I thought it would be quiet appropriate to celebrate my favorite green-related posts of the week!  Enjoy the round-up!

1)  Favorite predominantly green raw recipe:  I am always on the lookout for a tasty raw salad recipe that bursts with flavor, yet is easy to create.  This week, I think I hit the raw salad recipe jackpot when I came across Brittany’s (of Eating Bird Food) Raw Broccoli Raisin Salad.  With a creamy cashew-based dressing, and packed with broccoli, raisins, and sunflower seeds, I feel like this recipe exactly matches my raw salad requirements– it is sweet, salty, nutty and most of all, quite simple to put together.  Don’t be surprised if that is one of the next recipes I make!

These florets kind of look like shamrocks, no?

2)  Best recipe to disguise a green food:  I have seen quite a few recipes out there in which the magical avocado is transformed into a delectable dessert.  I always tell myself to remember to try out avocado in a sweet treat, but I always forget!  Fortunately, Ashley of The Edible Perspective reminded me, once again, of the virtues of avocado when paired with some chocolate and sugar!  This week, Ashley posted not one, but two avocado pudding recipes that I want to give a go!  One is a simple avocado banana pudding, and the other is a more decadent chocolate avocado banana pudding that looks exactly like dairy milk chocolate pudding!  I love avocado, so I imagine I will fall head over heels for both of her avocado desserts.  Thanks Ashley for reminding me of the wondererous, transformative powers of the mighty avocado!


3)  Best reminder why green food-coloring is kind of gross:  Notice so far that I have only highlighted recipes of green foods that are naturally green.  I, mark my words, will never eat anything green if I know it has been died to be that color.  Just the thought of it kind of grosses me out.  Mama Pea  of Peas and Thank You thankfully helped me remember that most of the earth’s delicious green food is green because that’s how mother nature intended it to be!  In her round-up of naturally green recipes in honor of St Patrick’s day, Mama Pea highlights her favorite naturally green recipes, ranging from curries to kale chips to green hummus!  All real food and all green, Mama Pea knows that green food coloring is not where it’s at!  Thank you Mama Pea!

4)  Best post St. Patrick’s Day blog game to keep you busy during others’ post St. Patrick’s Day recovery/March Madness shenanigans that you don’t really want a part of!:  Janetha of Meals and Moves created a pretty awesome A to Z Blogger/Reader survey that enables anyone interested to ask themselves some pretty fun questions such as what you are currently craving (for letter C) or what your most gross food is (for G obvi!).  Many bloggers have participated in the survey this week including Janetha herself, Lori and Michelle of Pure 2 Raw, Jenn of Eating Bender, and me as well!  So if you need to keep yourself busy while others are still recovering from yesterday’s celebrations, then go read these lovely ladies’ take on their lives A to Z!

5)  Cutest vegan St. Patrick’s Day munchie:  Angela of Oh She Glows never disappoints in crafting beautiful, healthful, and delicious vegan food, but I think she really outdid herself when she came up with her latest recipe for Sneaky Shamrock Spinach Crackers and Green Dip.  One look at her shamrock-shaped herbed spinach crackers and I was instantly in a celebratory mood!  Food is just way more fun when it is all natural and whimsical at the same time!


Even though St. Patty’s Day is over, it’s not too late to go back and enjoy some green-themed posts!  Who knows, maybe next week’s recap will be red-themed in honor of St. Joseph’s Day, which is an especially popular holiday around where I live, full of sweet zeppoles!

Have a great week!

Did any green-themed posts catch your interest this week?  Do share!

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