Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere This Week!

Happy Easter for those of you celebrate!  Happy Sunday to those of you who don’t!

I don’t celebrate Easter; however, I appreciate any holiday that gives people the chance to spend time with family and just enjoy being together.  I don’t have any specific plans for the day other than exercise, hang out with the husband and the moms and relax, which are all activities I very much look forward to doing!

Even though I don’t technically celebrate Easter, I do find pleasure in seeing all the fun Eastery arts, crafts, and recipes that popped up all over the blogosphere this week.  So, in honor of a holiday I don’t celebrate but think is fun in its own right, here are the Easter-related posts that made me smile this week!

1)  Best use for Peeps:  Sarah of Peas and Thank You is obviously a vegan culinary genius, but I had no idea she was a master of turning the barely edible and infamous Easter treat known as “Peeps” into not-intended-to-be-eaten decorative art as well!  Check out her easy tutorial on how to make the cutest ever Peeps Easter Wreath.  What better way to re-purpose those excess amounts of Peeps that are sure to have found their way somehow your pantry?


2)  Best dessert I would actually eat that resembles a chic:  Goji berries, coconut, pecans, and of course, chocolate?  These are ingredients I can stand behind!  Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie featured the cutest little macaroon chics this week, and it’s one of the few Easter desserts spotted that I actually would indulge in, given my dietary restrictions.  They are beyond adorable, and of course, considering my vegan and low-gluten ways, it’s nice to find a Easter treat recipe that suits my preferences as well!


3)  Best vegan Easter side dish:  Take a Thanksgiving holiday favorite, healthify, springify, veganize, veggiefy and tastify it, and lo and behold, a new Easter classic is born!  Angela of Oh She Glows did just that when upon a reader request, she took the Thanksgiving staple “stuffing” and turned it into an unbelievably delicious-looking light and springy dish perfect for an Easter side or even a main.  Packed with spring veggies and baked to a crunchy-on-the-top but soft-in-the-middle stuffing perfection, I am definitely making Angela’s lightened up stuffing the next time I am in charge of a creating a holiday side or entree. 


4)  Best Easter basket:  Bianca of Vegan Crunk recently posted about a vegan Easter basket sent to her by her sweet parents.  I am not going to lie– I am a bit, let’s say, envious of all the goodies she received!  Her parents took the time to fill it with vegan candies, chocolates, and even. . . the new Daiya cheese wedges!  Pay Bianca a visit to see whatever fun vegan Easter treats she scored in her basket, as well as to get a glimpse of how she tested and enjoyed the Daiya cheese blocks in her meals!


5)  Best healthy Easter recipe round-up:  Well, it’s a tie!  Lori and Michelle of Pure 2 Raw offered a list of both their own and others’ tantalizing Easter favorites, including some amazing looking donuts for breakfast that I wouldn’t have minded waking up to this morning!  Thier dietary preferences often coincide with mine, so their round-up was especially tempting to my tastebuds!  Evan of The Wannabe Chef also came through with a fantastic round-up of his simple Easter recipes.  Simple is always good, especially when there are a million things to do around a big holiday like Easter.  Evan is a master of creating ridiculously flavorful recipes that only take a little effort to whip up, which is why his Easter recipe collection is such a great reference!

All this Easter talk is inspiring me!  While I won’t be indulging in a decadent Easter meal today, maybe, just maybe, I may whip up an Easter treat or two for myself! 

Happy Easter!  How are you planning on spending this Sunday?


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