If The Husband Only Knew. . .

Yesterday after school, I had a free and open afternoon to workout. . . but I hardly felt like it at all!  I wasn’t tired– I just dreaded the whole go-to-the-gym, change, workout, change again process.  I crafted another plan in my head– to go to shopping at Michael’s Crafts to get my mom some yarn, do some Whole Foods scouting for new and interesting foods, and hit up any other stores that tickled my fancy.  I called the husband to let him know my grand plans to blow off the gym, figuring he would be proud of me for not sticking to a rigid schedule and instead throwing my workout schedules to the wind in favor of rewarding myself and my mom with the purchase of some nice things! 


I eagerly spilled the beans of my newly revised plans to the hubby, only to be greeted by a sentiment I did not expect.  He told me to go to the gym. 

I was shocked!  Usually, he doesn’t ever encourage my going to the gym.  He generally thinks I workout too much and need to take it easy more often.  For  as long as I remember, he always urged to ditch the gym when I felt inspired to do something else.

So why did he tell me to go?  He said it would make me feel better.  He could tell I needed some sort of stress relief from my school day, and rather than my blow off some steam by spending money needlessly, he told me to go the gym for a bit as it would probably relax me.  When he said that, admittedly, I was a bit ticked off– I wanted confirmation that I shouldn’t go to the gym and instead I should shop, shop, shop!  After all, vigorous shopping counts as exercise right?


But, because he said it, I  instantly agreed.  In fact, the fact he didn’t agree with my afternoon plans gave me the energy to go to they gym since I got a teeny tiny bit worked up.  And you know what. . . I had a fantastic workout and ended up busting out 7.5 miles on the treadmill (4 of which were run) and lifted weights for chest and back as well!

Geez, if the husband only knew the effect he has on my when he doesn’t agree with me. . . .  I went to the gym not because he made me, but because my inner competitive self wanted to show him just what I could accomplish if I went!  I ended up later bragging and rubbing my workout in his face (mature, I know).

And, of course, I did end up potentially saving lots of dough spent on foodie/clothing finds that would probably just sit in the pantry/closet for a few months! 

How do unwanted comments stated by your friends/families/significant others impact you?  Do they motivate you or tend to get you down?


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