Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From The Blogosphere This Week!

I am officially on spring break/April Vacation this week!  In fact, I am on a bit of a mini vacation as we speak with my husband. . . I will be sure to report on all the fun food I eat while at my mystery destination. . . it should be really good!  Our getaway is only for a few days, so I plan on spending the rest of the week in the kitchen making recipes I have been dying to try but haven’t had the chance to yet. 

My desire to cook my heart out on vacation lends perfectly to the theme of this week’s post:  my favorite recipes I’ve spotted this week that I want to make myself.  At least a few of the following genius concoctions will be prepared by yours truly in the upcoming few days!

1)  Best vegan, gluten-free snack bars (A):  When I ever glanced at Gena’s (of Choosing Rawpost on vegan snack bars, which included her thoughts on a tasting/review of some of the available commercial brands like Larabars and Bobo’s Oat Bars, my attention was immediately captured.  I eat at least two or three vegan and gluten-free bars a week (usually Larabars), so when she included her own recipe for a super easy and super delicious-looking healthy snack bar, I knew I had to make them soon.  Full of “my kind” of ingredients, like raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, nut butter and chia seeds, I haven’t been this excited ever to make my own snack bars!


2)  Best vegan, gluten-free granola bars (B):  Anne over at Fannetastic Foods actually used Gena’s above bar recipe as inspiration to create her own healthy vegan and gluten-free granola bars, which look just as simple to make and just as tasty to eat!  Anne utilized the ingredients she had on had and even managed to incorporate one of my favorite flours, chickpea flour, into the mix!  While I am not sure if I will make Gena’s or Anne’s version first, there is no doubt I will make both of them soon enough!


3)  Best sweet and savory salad combo:  Emily of the Daily Garnish always seems to be whipping up recipes that appeal to me and jive with my dietary needs.  I love kale, balsamic vinegar, apples and pears, so of course, when creatively paired together in one beautiful salad, naturally, I just wanna have it!  It’s basically raw, so as far as salads go, it suits me perfectly.  I am making this salad the next time I have to entertain guests because I feel while it will undoubtedly satisfy my stomach, it will also tickle the taste buds of friends and family who are not vegan, gluten-free or raw but who just like good food!


4)  Best rice dish:  Who in the world does not like Chipotle?  It’s one of the rare “fast-food” kinds of places that vegans and gluten-free folks can easily craft a great meal at, and when on the road especially, I always look for a Chipotle to grab a vegan burrito bowl for lunch.  Chelsey of Clean Eating Chelsey also shares a healthy infatuation with both Mexican food and Chipotle, so she took the time to come up with a recipe similar to Chipotle’s famous cilantro-lime rice.  Using her recipe, I plan on crafting my own burrito bowls, so thanks Chelsey for coming up with a great copycat recipe so we can all enjoy that Mexican goodness in the comfort of our own homes!


5)  Best Cookie:  Every good meal needs a satisfying dessert, and if it’s healthy, that’s an added bonus of course.  Lori and Michelle of Pure2Raw always impress me with their dessert creations (so much so that I frequently order them from their amazing Twin Cakes Bakery), so when I stumbled upon their almond meal chocolate chip cookies, I stopped in my tracks and made a note to revisit this recipe this week.  I have almond meal and coconut flour, but can never think of ways to use them. . . until this recipe came along.  I plan on giving it a go with a vegan egg substitute (like a chia or flax egg), and I am so excited to see how these almond meal chocolate chip cookies turn out!

IMG_3796 Twin Cakes Biscotti and Raw Balls
Some of my favorite Twin Cakes treats!

A whole week of free time. . . gotta get my ovens ready because it will be a busy week in the kitchen!  Happy Sunday!

What are your favorite recipes from the blogosphere this week?

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