My Second Day in New York City, Part 2: A Foodie-esque and Fun Walking Tour

Here are some more of my NYC adventures from when I visited a little over a week ago. . . .

After brunch at Le Pain Quotidien, my husband and I decided to embark on an epic walking tour of the city, with a primary goal of visiting many of the vegan/raw/natural foods restaurants and markets I know are well-known in the city.  Some of these places we just walked by, and others we actually went into and bought a few treats for myself. 

The following is a glimpse of some of the places and sites we saw or visited.  I have to give you a warning though– since I am so bad with NYC geography, and our walking tour extravaganza was such a long whirlwind, I have no idea if this is the actual order we hit up these places.  All I know is we visited all of these places in one day by foot– we estimate we covered ten to fifteen miles!

So, in no particular order. . .

We stopped into Angelica’s Kitchen, a famed vegan restaurant.

IMG_4419  Angelica Kitchen Sign

I purchased a little souvenir– their vegan, gluten-free brittle to go!

IMG_4446 Angelica Brittle front

Check out all of those nuts and seeds!

IMG_4447 Angelica Brittle Back

Next to Angelica’s, we scoped out a vegan-friendly Italian restaurant named John’s– I had actually never heard of it, but the husband wants to go here next time since they serve meat too!

IMG_4420  John's Vegan Italian Sign

At some point, we made our way to Integral Yoga Natural Foods– I wanted to see how a NYC natural foods store compared to the few we have in Rhode Island.  Let me say– this market is waaaaaaayyyyy better than anything we have in little Rhody, especially in the prepared foods section!  I was sad I couldn’t bring home much of the delicious vegan and even raw prepared foods due to a lack of a fridge, but I did pick myself up some chocolate and a few raw, vegan bars.

integral yoga

We finally had the chance to also walk the High Line, a gorgeous park build on elevated railroad tracks!  Here’s a view from below the walking trail looking up.

hi line from below

Once we got up there, I marveled at how absolutely amazing the surrounding architecture compliments the park and walkway.  Beautiful.

hi line grass

I also found this little man hanging out in one of the elevated train tracks, which have seamlessly been integrated into the park’s design.  I decided to snap a pic with him in the blowing wind!

hi line little man

They day also took us to some of the places I only know through reality television– in particular Project Runway, with which I am utterly obsessed.  Thank you Mood!

mood 2

And of course we checked out Parsons!


New York University and its surrounding areas also made an appearance on our walking tour.  I remember being here with my sister-in-law and husband when she was scoping out colleges so long ago!

nyu 1

I can’t forget the famous Union Square.  Love this iconic structure!

union square 2

We stumbled upon Lifethyme Natural Market– I didn’t plan on going there, but when I saw it, I knew I had to explore.  Again, I was so jealous of the prepared raw and vegan foods New Yorkers have access to– the hot bar in the back of the market looked and smelled amazing!  I just picked up a gluten-free and vegan chocolate chip cookie to take home.


Somewhere amidst all that, I also caught site of the well-known vegetarian cafe Blossom too!


Wow– looking back, I have no clue which order we saw all these places, so forgive me New Yorkers if the above recap bounces oddly from neighborhood to neighborhood.  All I know is I had a great time seeing as much of the city as we could in an eight-hour period on foot.  And you know what– this isn’t everything.  I’ll share even more pics of places we checked out in an upcoming post!

When you travel, do you tend to do a lot of sightseeing on foot?  Or do you prefer car/taxi/bus/bike or anything else? 

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