What I Eat When There’s Barely Any Fresh Food In Da House

I never, ever let myself run out of healthy, homemade and fresh food. . . unless it is the night before going away on vacation or the day in which you come back from vacation to a nearly empty fridge. As you know, it is always a good idea to “eat up” your refrigerator of foods that can easily spoil before you leave town, which unfortunately comes with consequence of returning to a bare fridge. I was just in that situation a few weeks ago both on the Friday night before we left for NYC and the Monday evening when we returned.

However, I looked on the bright side. I finally had a chance to eat some things hidden in my pantry and freezer that I have overlooked for a while.

For dinner Friday night, I wanted to use up what ever remaining raw and cooked veggies hanging out in the fridge. I also wanted a relatively healthy meal, so I turne to my pantry stash of soups. I picked out a can of Amy’s split pea soup, which I nuked with some baby kale on its last legs and about half of a cup of leftover brown rice. Amy’s split pea soup is one of my favorite canned soups, and while it packs in a ton of sodium, it is also high in protein and fiber.

IMG_4413  Amy's Split Pea Soup, Rice and Baby Kale Bowl

On the side, I had the last of my steamed veggies, which always accompany my dinner entrée!

IMG_4414  Steamed Veggie Plate

All together, it made for a filling and nutritious meal that didn’t skimp in the flavor department either!

IMG_4415 Amy's Split Pea Soup and Steamed Veggies

So when we arrived home on Monday night, I wasn’t feeling too well– I think it was hours in a car with a stomach-ache that did me on. I knew I had to eat something, but the last thing I wanted was veggies or anything too rough on the stomach.

I peeked into the freezer to check out my options, and I spotted a personal sized Whole Foods roasted vegetable pizza on rice crust, which was both vegan and gluten-free. I purchased this a few months back, but had never yet tried this variety of frozen pizza.

IMG_4486 Whole Foods vegan gluten free frozen pizza box

Out of the cardboard package, a nicely-sized pizza revealed itself. Sure it was a bit freezer-burned, but that was nothing a good toasting couldn’t take care of!

IMG_4487 Whole Foods vegan gluten-free pizza out of box

Before I cooked it, I decided to jazz it up with some Daiya pepperjack shreds I had in the fridge. Good thing I finally opened this package, since it expires this month!

IMG_4488  Daiya pepperjack shreds

Since I had a stomach-ache, I kept the sprinkling of Daiya to a minimum. I then microwaved the pizza for a minute to take the chill off of it. Then, I placed it on some foil and popped it into the toaster for a few minutes. It wasn’t quite cooked through on the first toaster cycle. . .

IMG_4489 Whole Foods vegan gluten free frozen pizza melted with daiya 1

so I gave it another toast until the crust was a nice deep golden brown!

IMG_4491 Whole Foods vegan gluten free frozen pizza melted with daiya 2

For a pizza I didn’t have high hopes for in the taste and texture department, I actually was pleasantly surprised. Like I said, it was a good size and wasn’t stingy on the veggie toppings. My cooking method of microwaving, then toasting yielded a hot, piping pizza with a crunchy crust. The only area that remained a bit soft was the bottom of the pizza in the middle, but I actually liked its doughy and fluffy texture. The crust in and of itself was a great combo of doughiness and crisp. The sauce was a bit too sweet, but other than that, it was a very good vegan, gluten-free frozen pizza. The Daiya too was a great touch. I definitely would eat this again whenever in a dinner pinch!

Have you tried any new or interesting canned or frozen foods lately that are healthful and tasty, perfect for a desperate dinner situation? Do share!

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