Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere This Week!

Sunday already?  Man, did this weekend fly by a tad too quickly.  However, I have to admit, as much as I hate to wish time away, I don’t mind if the next two weeks go by fast– as long as the days after June 18th go by really, really slowly.   Yes, I admit I am being a bit selfish with that thought, but since June 18th is the last day of work for me before vacation, you better believe I want the days after that to pass by at a snail’s pace!

This week was a good one in terms of coming across some fun posts written by my fellow healthy living bloggers.  I especially enjoyed reading the tons of May recaps that were written to commemorate the month of May, but more importantly to blast us into June.  Here are some of my favorite posts this week!

1)  Best May Recap:  And the award goes to . . . . Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point, who actually presented her best May posts and moments in superlative form!  She covered so many exciting topics this past month, ranging from her pregnancy to the release of her latest book titled Healthy Tipping Point:   A Powerful Program to a Stronger, Happier You to swimming to wacky races to food and recipes!  Her recap gave me a good reminder to re-read some of those posts, which are all so informative, well-written and just plain interesting.


 2)  Best June Favorites Post:  While we said goodbye to May, we also ushered in one of my favorite months ever!  I was excited to see that Jenna of Eat Live Run put up a post regarding her June favorites.  Is it just me, or do all of you also enjoy reading about other bloggers’ favorite things?  I love getting a peak into their lives in terms of what they are really loving right now.  “Favorites” posts also give me great ideas as to new things that maybe I should try or will love also.  Check out Jenna’s post to see what she’s diggin’ these days– you have to see the measuring spoons she hearts– they are adorable!


3)  Best Decadent Breakfast:  Look, I don’t eat eggs or white chocolate chips because I am vegan, but I couldn’t help but salivate a bit when I read Gracie’s recipe (of Girl Meets Life) for white chocolate almond butter bagel French toast.  Umm. . . that just sounds amazing, right?  It’s certainly the kind of desserty breakfast I would have enjoyed before I went vegan and gluten-free; in other words, if I saw this on a breakfast menu in a restaurant in my pre-vegan days, I definitely would have ordered it!  So, for all of you out there who eat dairy and want a recipe for an indulgent homemade twist on French toast, check out Gracie’s recipe for this almond buttery, white chocolatey wonder!


4)  Best Baby Post:  Ok, Ok, I know I have been including many baby-related posts in these weekly “favorite” post round-ups, but I guarantee you I am not with child.  Honestly, I like reading baby posts in order to better prepare myself for being a mom one day, and since there are so many blogs I read in which their writers either are pregnant or mothers to newborns, I can’t help but come across many baby-related posts.  I especially like the posts that have to do with what you really need to have/buy for a baby, as opposed to the millions of things that are marketed as “must-haves” but really are not necessary.  Ashley of Writing Chapter Three recently wrote a post titled Baby Must Haves: 3 to 6 months.  She provides great insight on what she really uses for her baby and what has never really seen the light of day.  I am keeping all of that info in the back of my brain for when the time comes that it just may be helpful to me!

5)  Best “Cleanse” Daily Recap:  The words I used to title this blurb are probably a bit misleading.  Over at This Is What I Eat, I have been following Sarah’s experience on Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse, which is not one of those crazy fasting kind of cleanses.  I love Kriss Carr, I own her book, and she is one of my biggest inspirations in going vegan and gluten-free to combat some inflammatory issues I have.  While I never followed her cleanse exactly, I definitely incorporate many of her recommendations in my daily diet.  When Sarah began recapping on a daily basis her eats and how she has been feeling on the cleanse, I was immediately drawn in.  In one post in particular, she discusses the ratio of raw to cooked foods that works best for her on this cleanse, which is a topic I often think about as it relates to my own diet. 


It was a fun week for me in terms of blog reading– it’s so enjoyable to read how other bloggers have closed out the month of May!  This month, I look forward to seeing how other bloggers usher in those wonderful warm days of summer!

What were your favorite posts you came upon this week?  How did you say goodbye to May?  What do you look forward to in June?

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