Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere This Week!

As I prepare my summer bucket list, I find that many of the things going on that list are ideas I have seen mentioned on other blogs.  Whether it’s books to read or cool shoes to try out or bookmarked recipes, I credit many bloggers for giving me inspired ideas for how to stay happy and busy this summer.  This week, I thought I would share some blog posts that have provided me with items to add to my ever-growing summer list of things to do!

1)  Best Must-Make Summer Recipe:  I don’t know if cornbread is exactly a summery food, but whatevs!  When I saw Ashley’s recipe for blueberry pecan cornbread I was sold!  While it wasn’t vegan as described, it looks really easy to veganize.  I like that it included ingredients like masa harina and fine ground cornmeal, both of which I have never worked with before.  When I used to eat non-vegan muffins (usually from Dunkin Donuts), blueberry corn muffins melted with butter were my favorite, so to think I can make my own cornbread and drown it in Earth Balance makes me quite excited!  Visit Ashley’s post at Edible Perspective to get the recipe– you will drool at her awesome pics of the cornbread as well!


2)  Best Book Suggestion: I love to read blogs, but honestly the last book I read (other than the occasional cookbook) was the last installment of the Twilight Series at least three years ago!!! One of my summer intentions is to actually read some real books, both fiction and non, that appeal to my interests. When Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers posted her June Book Club selection, Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs, I knew I found the perfect book to kick-off my summer reading list. A book documenting his year-long experiment to improve every aspect of his health– Drop Dead Healthy is sure to keep my interest! Check out Julie’s post for a fuller description of the book and to join her virtual book club (which I plan on doing)!


3)  Best Motivation To Actually Use A Fitness Tool I Already Own:  As you know, I run fairly frequently.  Just like everyone else, I want to recover from my runs as quickly as possible so my legs are nice and fresh for my next jaunt.  One tool in my recovery arsenal I use often are compression sleeves.  The other thing I should be doing is foam rolling– I even own a roller, but am too lazy to use it!  However, with summer comes tons of extra time in which I can and plan to incorporate foam rolling into my fitness routine.  Allie of Live Laugh Eat actually reminded me to use my foam roller more often this summer with her very informative post titled Foam Rolling 101.  I surely will be using it as a reference when I break out my foam roller this summer!

4)  Post That Convinced Me To Add “Try Something New Every Week” To My Summer Bucket List:  I am such a creature of habit.  I am so used to my usual routines in all aspects of life (work, relationships, food, etc. . . ) that it tends to give me anxiety when I am forced to break routine.  However, I think it is a good thing for me to branch out of my norm on a regular basis– it’s something I need to do because it teaches me the world doesn’t end when routines are broken.  Jenny of Peanut Butter and Jenny recently posted about a potential blog challenge to consciously break out of ruts which she calls “Try It Tuesdays.”  The point of her challenge is to try something new each week– that is actually a perfect summer goal for me!  If the blog party comes to fruition, Jenny, I am in!


5)  Best Reminder To Bake For My Mom:  My mom is a busy lady– she works five to six days a week, all day long, always on her feet.  She is hardly ever home, and rarely has time to cook for herself, nevermind bake.  While I often go out and get her food and bring it to her while she’s at work, one goal I have this summer is to bake her some of her favorite treats and surprise her with them!  The reason I became inspired to do this is partially due to Averie’s post over at Averie Cooks regarding recipes that use cake mix.  When I was younger and still lived with my mom, I used to bake her what became her favorite cake ever– pistachio bundt cake made from vanilla cake mix and pistachio pudding mix.  It literally took five minutes to assemble, and the end result made my mom swoon.  Averie’s post just reminded me to make that cake for my mom and surprise her!  Even though it’s not vegan, I still have no problem making desserts with eggs or dairy for others, so I plan on doing just that for my mom very soon.  In fact, ingredients will be purchased for this project later today!  I can’t wait to see the smile on her face when I present this cake to her!  I’ll be sure to show it to you here on the blog also!


I cannot wait to get started on this summer bucket list– each and every day going forward I am sure will just bring more ideas to add to the list!  Here’s to staying busy and having fun this summer!

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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