Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere This Week!

Tomorrow is officially my last day of school before summer break!  I am so beyond excited to make the most of my upcoming free days!  While I think I won’t plan much for Tuesday and Wednesday so I have plenty of time to rest and decompress, I have decided that I will make a list every week  of very specific things I want to accomplish by the end of that week, so that by the close of summer, I can say I have accomplished a lot!  Be on the lookout for a list of tasks I want to accomplish for this coming first week of vacation– I have to start thinking about it now!


On a different note, as always there were plenty of blog posts that made me smile this week– here are some of my favorites!

1)  Happiest Event:  Welcome to the world Baby Boyle!  This week marked the birth of Caitlin’s (of Healthy Tipping Point) baby boy Henry!  I have followed Caitlin’s entire pregnancy experience on her blog, always looking forward to reading her open and honest accounts of what it is really like during that exciting, thrilling and often stressful time.  To be able to read not only about the birth of her son but also about life at home immediately after giving  birth is so heartwarming and just plain cool– I learned so much and will certainly go back and reread those posts when I am expecting one day!  I will undoubtedly continue to follow her journey as a new mom!  I wish the whole family the best of wishes– congratulations to the Healthy Tipping Point clan!!!


2)  Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Review:  I have a brother that lives in Washington D.C., and I usually visit him once a year.  Never though have a gone out there as a gluten-free vegan, so I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for vegan and gluten-free friendly dining establishments in D.C. that everyone can enjoy.  Gena of Chosing Raw just posted a review of a D.C. pizza place that serves a vegan, gluten-free pie complete with chickpea flour crust!  Bottom line– the pizza, chock full of veggies but with no dairy or gluten, that Gena feasted on at Pete’s Apizza looked amazing, and I thank her for alerting me to the fact that this gem exists.  It’s posts like these that are so helpful in how to navigate dining out in different cities, so I appreciate that she put this place on my radar.  You better believe when I am in D.C. next, I will be having a slice or two of that pizza myself!

3) Best “Meal” Formula:  As you know, all of my dinners are built the same way– I have some grain, lots of steamed veggies and some kind of stew or stir-fry that usually contains a protein source all on my plate.  Emily of Daily Garnish recently posted a wonderfully informative tutorial on how to easily build healthful and complete vegetarian meals so that your plate is never lacking an essential component, like carbs or quality plant-based protein.  Her emphasis on balance is the best part– I like how she points out that there is no need to become obsessive with ensuring you get everything you need in every meal because it all balances out eventually.  Check out her post if you need some help in the vegetarian meal-prep and planning department– it is so helpful!


4)  Best Glimpse Into The “True Life” Of A Blogger:  Isn’t the contents of a woman’s purse just so telling?  I am one of those people whose purse is so overstuffed that my goal in life is to carry it around as little as possible, which kind of defeats the point of a handbag, no?  Perhaps “purse purging” should go on my list of things to accomplish this week. . . Well, Jenna of Eat Live Run just posted about what’s in her purse— I find it so fascinating to learn about bloggers based on the possessions they feel they must have on them all of the time!  If you want a little insight, check out her reveal– we have at least one thing in common– the oh-so-necessary emergency fuel aka a Larabar!


5)  Best Other Glimpse Into The “True Life ” Of A Blogger:  Ashly of Edible Perspective posted two (part 1 last week and part 2 this week) of a series of posts recently regarding her “day to day” and how she ended up at the point she is at in her journey in life.  I really enjoyed reading about her background, struggles and successes– her story is quite inspiring and it is so fascinating to read about her unique process of getting from one point to another in all aspects of her life thus far.  I  look forward to reading her third installment in her engaging series, hopefully this week!

Have I said reading other healthy living blogs is so inspirational?  Well if not– it is!  Honestly, I just get so many great ideas from other bloggers that make me want to live my own life more fully, and this week was no different.  With my unobligated long days of summer quickly approaching, I am so grateful to the blogging community to keep me motivated and striving to get the most out of my time as possible!


What were your favorite blog posts this week?  Feel free to link away!

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