Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere This Week!

Happy Sunday to all!  I am currently writing this from one of the best possible spots in all the land–a swanky, fluffy hotel bed!  One of life’s true pleasures (at least for me anyway) is staying in hotel rooms that have awesome, therapeutic beds.  To say my bed at home is not totally comfortable is likely an understatement– it’s not terrible, but when I sleep in beds that actually feel good on my back, I realize the many inadequacies of my own bed!  One day I will have a bed adorned with a killer mattress, sheet after sheet of the highest thread counts, and a comforter so fluffy and light it feels like I have wrapped myself in feathers!  One, day. . . one day!

IMG_5015 vanessa noel bedroom

The above photo is the bed before I slept in it of course!  I won’t reveal where I am just yet, but let’s just say I am on a short weekend getaway with the husband to a nearly New England island.  Sadly, after I hit publish, we’ll be leaving in just a few short hours to go back to reality.  I will have plenty of recaps to share with you soon!  Being vegan and gluten-free on a small island certainly was quite the adventure for me this weekend– I will let you know how I did in that regard over the next week, so stay tuned.

Since I have to pack in a few minutes, I will simply highlight my favorite posts of the week– there’s no theme this time!  If you have a minute or two, I highly recommend you check them out!

1) Best Day In The Life:  Call me a voyeur if you wish, but I always love blog posts that are in the “day in the life” style because it is those kinds of posts that give me a more authentic, real view of the blogger whose blog I frequently read!  This week, Bobbi of N Her Shoes wrote a great recap of her day, morning to night, including who she hung out with, how active she was, and of course, a full day of eats.  Better yet, the day she shared was spent at a blogger conference– I hope to attend one one day, so it is always so fun for me to read what they are like!  I enjoyed this post because it served as an extremely interesting snapshot of a day in the life of a well-known and just plain awesome blogger.


2)  Best Interview:  I have never tried Crossfit, and while it is not necessarily on my fitness bucket list as of now, it is something that I am always interested in learning about in case I do have a chance to try it one day.  Tina of Carrots N’ Cake just posted an interview she conducted with the super-cool Valerie Calhoun, one of the youngest female Crossfit competitors at age 16.  Valerie discusses her history and goals with Crossfit, her training and diet, and how she makes it all work as a busy high school student and competitive athlete.  This chic is going places. . . it was so heartwarming in a way to read about someone so young with big goals!


3)  Best Savory Recipe:  For the last two Thanksgivings, my whiz-in-the-kitchen sister made a corn casserole that was to die for.  I don’t even know what it was made of, but it was cheesy, slightly sweet and full of chewy corn kernels.  Well, now that I am vegan, I don’t anticipate that casserole will be enjoyed by yours truly anytime soon.  When Kate of Chocolate Covered Katie fame posted a recipe for her Lightened Up Corn Casserole, I was all ears (well, more like all eyes!).  Just a quick scan of the recipe convinced me it would be a fantastic vegan stand-in for my sister’s corn casserole this upcoming Thanksgiving. It will be made!


4)  Best Series of Events:  I am not a person who really gets into weddings.  I mean, even with my own, the planning was more of chore than a fun project.  I guess it is just not my thing.  However, I envy people who really do get into the process and really savor and appreciate each and every wedding-related milestone.  In fact, I would venture to say Meghann of Meals and Miles almost makes me wish I really enjoyed my own wedding process even more, as her detailed wedding-related posts make me super excited for her upcoming nuptials.  This week though, Meghann has very artfully turned the attention to her sister’s wedding, sharing all of the details leading up to the big day!  While it was tough to just pick out one post to feature, as I loved reading about all of the things that happened in wedding prep mode, one post in particular did stand out as quite cool.  Check out Meghann’s recap of her sister’s floral arrangement party– they made putting together bouquets and centerpieces quite the festive event!  It sounded like such a great bonding experience, and it was truly a pleasure to read about.

5)   Best Review:  You all know I struggle a lot with eating out, given my gluten-free and vegan ways.  If I am out, or especially on the road for vacation, in order to make it work, I usually have zero expectations and just eat in survival mode, meaning eat whatever I can without being picky.  That usually translates into lots of limp salads and nuts (you can just about get them at any gas station!).  When No Meat Athlete posted a review of three vegan subs Subway is testing out in eight stores in the D.C. area, I was so excited!  For Subway to even test out vegan subs that go beyond just veggies is beyond exciting news for a vegan like me!  To learn more about the three varieties that hopefully will make it onto all Subway menus one day, go here and read up!


Well, I better go enjoy these last few minutes lounging in bed before taking the ferry back home.  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

What was your favorite blog post of the week?  Feel free to link away!

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