My (Past) Week In Fitness (Part 25)

This past week in fitness and exercise certainly did not pan out the way I expected. I had envisioned myself working out everyday except Sunday, and I also put “trying out a new fitness activity” in my schedule for one day this week, and that certainly didn’t happen either. Life happened instead, and while my week started and ended according to plan, the middle? Not so much!


Here’s how my week broke down:

Tuesday, June 19th: 11.2 miles on the treadmill (8 run, 3.2 miles walked); weightlifting for chest and back (6 exercises, 3 sets each)
Tuesday was my first day of summer vacation, and I took full advantage of it! I did a great eight mile morning run on the treadmill and took my time lifting weights. Nothing really to report for this workout except for the fact I really relished the fact I could take as much time there as I wanted to!


Wednesday, June 20th: 8.7 miles on the treadmill (6 run, 2.7 miles walked)
This workout was not quite as leisurely because I had to return to my school for three hours of professional development starting at 9 A.M. I sometimes think my best runs though are the ones in which I am short on time! I was so focused and strong during this run, and I am guessing it is because I knew I had to get in, get it done, and get out!

Thursday, June 21st: Unplanned but necessary rest day
And this was the morning after the evening where my summer plans definitively changed. Again, I don’t want to be mysterious about this, but I have to for now. Wednesday afternoon, I received some unsettling news and therefore had to spend all morning and afternoon Thursday addressing the situation. I really, really wish I had made it to the gym– I feel like I needed the distraction to blow off some steam that day, but unfortunately, as I said, life got in the way and the gym was the last thing I had time for. As a result of this, I skipped my leg workout for the week. Unfortunately, because of the fact I am going to be really busy this summer, I think my gym/running/exercise routine may actually have to take the backburner a lot more often, and that does make me sad. I have to keep reminding myself sacrificing this summer will mean a better future for me, so I guess it is what it is for now!


Friday, June 22nd: 14.25 miles on the treadmill (11.5 miles run, 2.75 miles walked); weightlifting for arms and shoulders (7 exercises, 3 sets each)
Friday I definitely took my running session to a new level. I was so preoccupied mentally, that the eleven mile run basically felt like five miles to me! I was surprised when my treadmill shut off (it automatically shuts off after 99 minutes), since I wasn’t paying attention to time or numbers. I was just thinking, thinking, thinking. . . I finally stopped at 11.5 miles because I was starting to get pressed for time! All of the stress, worry and aggravation of the day before fueled this run– it wasn’t just a run, but it was a therapy session. After, I hit the weights because I knew the upcoming weekend wouldn’t allow me access to a gym for arms and shoulders.


Saturday, June 23rd: 6 mile outdoor walk in Nantucket
My husband and I had a weekend in Nantucket planned for a few weeks, so despite my bad news, we kept our plans to unwind a bit and try to relax. The weekend away did serve as a nice mental respite from the stress of the prior week. On Saturday, we found a beach located three miles from downtown Nantucket, and we decided to hoof it there, take a nap for an hour or so, and hoof it back. It was a perfect walk– just enough distance to feel like a workout, but not too much to make it not fun!

Sunday, June 24th: Rest day
This was our travel day back home from Nantucket, so we didn’t really have time to stroll in the morning, and by the time we got home, I had errands to run and things to do like grocery shopping, unpacking, blog stuff, etc. . . I knew all week Sunday would be a rest day, so I just went with it. I felt fine about taking this day off though, since it kind of felt like my body needed the extra rest after the weekend away and epic run on Friday.

Monday, June 25th:  12.25 miles on the treadmill (9.5 miles run, the rest walked); weightlifting for chest and back (6 exercises, 3 sets each)
Yesterday marked my last week of being unobligated on most days until about August 10th, so I kicked it off with a strong, long workout. I want to get in as many quality workouts this week as I can, since I know it may slow down beginning July 2nd, when I will be super busy. The run was fab since I rested Sunday and I kept myself occupied by watching Crazy Stupid Love on my IPad, and the weights were fine as usual!

After this week, I don’t even know if I will be working out more than two or three times a week! I have to see how the it all unfolds– I don’t really know how harried and hectic I will feel, and there may still be hope in squeezing in early morning workouts. All I know is I have to prioritize, and unfortunately, exercise won’t be in the top five anymore– at least for the month of July! I guess all I can do now is just wait and see!

How was you past week in fitness? Did you participate in any fun summertime outdoor activities?

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