What I Ate Wednesday (On Sunday)

I was going to recap yesterday’s eats, but honestly, they may be an exact repeat of another WIAW post I wrote a few weeks ago. So in the name of diversity and novelty, I decided to feature Sunday’s meals and snacks– at least they feature some new-to-me foods! Sunday’s lunch especially is unusual as it pretty much is a reflection of how I try to piece together a healthy meal with barely any food in the fridge! Sunday was the day we returned from Nantucket, so breakfast was eaten away, while the rest of my meals were eaten at home!

Thanks Jenn for hosting this wonderful opportunity for bloggers and blog readers to get to know each other and each other’s food! I love reading other WIAW posts for meal and snack ideas!

Now onto the eats! Breakfast actually was a repeat of Saturday morning’s breakfast at Fog Island Cafe, an awesome Nantucket breakfast spot I will review soon. I so thoroughly enjoyed my bowl of oatmeal there on Saturday morning that my husband suggested we go again the next morning! I was completely game– though perhaps I should have gone somewhere different for the sake of mixing it up, let’s just say in this case, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I began with a cup of joe, which I had refilled at least three times. Coffee always tastes better on vacation.

IMG_5069 WIAW 6-27-12 Coffee

And for breakfast, I ordered their oats (which are cooked with apples and water) without the dried cranberries or brown sugar that comes with their standard bowl. I then asked for added banana and walnuts. The best part about this bowl, other than the riciculously fluffy oats and sweet apple pieces, was the fact they cooked banana into the oats as well as plopping some on top! No added sugar needed– the oatmeal wa amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it (again)!

IMG_5070 WIAW 6-27-12 Fog Island Oatmeal

Just a side note– isn’t this adorable and so accurate for me? It was hanging up in our booth at Fog Island Cafe!

IMG_5071 WIAW 6-27-12 Tea Sign Fog Island

After breakfast, which was consumed around 9, we had to head to the ferry for our return home. I was actually quite happy to get an early start home because that of course means an early arrival! I had the whole day to settle in and get things done!

We walked in the door around 1:30, and I was hungry but not starving. I wanted to keep lunch light and fresh, as well as fast since I had to get out to do some errands. I was also facing the added challenge of not having too much fresh produce in the house, since I tried to eat all that stuff down before we went away. I took this as a great opportunity to crack into some raw snacks and spreads I had lying around but haven’t had a chance to try out yet!

The lack of lettuce did not deter me from getting in some greens. Thank goodness for this bag of kale chips in my pantry! The ingredient list was simple– just raw, dehydrated kale, garlic, lemon juice, salt and sesame seeds. Pretty darn clean, right?

IMG_5072 WIAW 6-27-12 Kale Krisps Bag

I also whipped out this jar of raw pistachio pesto from Living Tree Community Foods I bought a while back but haven’t cracked into yet. The ingredients of course include pistachios, plus yummies like curry powder, sesame seeds, sun-dried olives and sun-dried tomatoes!

I decided to add scoop of the pesto, which is more like the consistency of a raw pate, to my lunch plate to dip whatever fresh veggies I could muster up in. Those dippers ended up being daikon and cucumber, as well as some grated carrots, which I didn’t dip into the pesto but just kind of picked at on their own!

IMG_4868 Raw Pistachio Pesto

Ultimately, my lunch plate consisted of some kale chips, sliced cucumber and daikon, grated carrots and a scoop of raw pesto. The whole thing came together quite nicely! The kale chips were quite tasty and flavorful, while the pesto was amazing! It popped with texture and spice, and it went so well with the raw veggies. I cannot wait until I dip into this jar again, perhaps as an accompaniment to raw crackers and some Dr. Cow nut cheese!

IMG_5074 WIAW 6-27-12 Lunch Plate With Kale Krisps and Raw Pista Pesto

For dessert, I combined all of the fruit I had left into the cantaloupe container. I ended up with some blackberries, strawberries, pineapple and cantaloupe of course. Don’t worry though, immediately after lunch, I went grocery shopping and stocked up on all kinds of summer produce, including my first peaches and nectarines of the season!

IMG_5076 WIAW 6-27-12  Fruit 2

I want to address here another aspect to sensible snacking, since it is the fun theme of this month!  I always have a mid-afternoon snack under normal circumstances– once four o’ clock hits, I get the urge for something to keep me going for the rest of the afternoon.  However, just as it is important to snack when hungry to prevent lulls in energy, it is just as valuable to remember if you aren’t hungry and don’t need a boost– maybe it is best not to have a snack if the only motivation to do so is sticking with routine.  On this day, I had lunch pretty late and wasn’t that hungry at all due to the indulgent weekend.  When four o’ clock came on by, I had zero stomach pangs!  Rather than have a snack just for the sake of it, I wasn’t compelled to in the least, so I didn’t.  I listened to my body on this call, and it told me I didn’t need any food.  Of course, this is a rare occurence for me, but one that when it does happen, it is best to listen to in my humble opinion.  So no snack to report– just a bit of good or maybe not-so-good advice!

Have no fear, my appetite came right back for dinner!  My apologies, but dinner was a meal I have featured on the blog a million times– I can’t even say anything new about it except it is one of my absolute favorite meals of all time and I think I will probably continue to eat it two or three times a week for a long time coming! What you see there is Asian (Soy) Beans N’ Greens, rice and steamed veggies with tons of Frank’s Extra Hot for the win!  I had to make sure I got my fresh greens in for the day!  This particular mix included shaved brussel sprouts, mixed hearty greens and cabbage.

IMG_5079 WIAW 6-27-12 Dinner 2

A sliced granny smith provided  a nice cool, crunchy ending to the meal. . .

WIAW 6-27-12 Dinner Apple

but of course, no dinner of mine can truly be complete without the sweet, creamy taste of really, really dark chocolate!

IMG_5090 WIAW 6-27-12 Dinner  Dark Choco

It was such a good feeling to be able to smoothly transition from vacation eating mode to the more healthful “eat clean meals at home” upon returning from my trip.  It was so tempting to just order take-out on Sunday night to keep the vacation vibe going for one more evening, but I knew I would feel much better the next day if I had a balanced, healthy meal Sunday night.  I congratulate myself for promptly returning to home cooked meals, and I gotta say, I did wake up feeling just stellar on Monday morning!

How do you transition from “vacation-eating mode” to “at-home eating mode” when you get back from an indulgent trip?  Do you find it to be difficult, or is it easy and natural for you to do?

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