Sunday Funday: My Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere This Week!

I have been so truly in love with this recent wave of hot, sunny weather Rhode Island has been blessed with.  I am such of fan of temps over 80– I usually require it to be that warm before I bust out the shorts and tanks.  I am one of those people who is always cold, so needless to say my season has arrived!  I am trying to make the most of each and every ounce of warmth and sunshine that has come my way!

Aside from the weather, I have had a pretty awesome week when it comes to one of my most favorite pastimes– reading other blogs!  A few bloggers in particular really peaked my interest in terms of things like experiments, challenges, and new directions they have decided to participate in or pursue, and I truly look forward to following their progress and updates.  Here’s my picks of the week– all basically involve new or different blogger endeavors that do inspire me to embrace the upcoming changes in my life that will be starting quite soon!

1)  Best New Diet Direction:  As you know, I am vegan, and made that change in my lifestyle at the end of December for a variety of reasons, one of which was my having read Kristin Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet.  I have inflammation issues of my own regarding my intestines and back, so her book really gave me the push I needed to change my eating habits to reflect a more “anti-inflammatory” approach.  When Bobbi of N Her Shoes recently posted about her desire to heal her own stomach issues by adhering to a vegan diet inspired by Kris Carr, I couldn’t help but be super excited for her new journey!  Read here for how she came to this decision to try out veganism a la Kris Carr  and see what her intended outcomes are– I can’t wait to read her reports and cheer her on!!!


2)  Best New Blog Endeavor:  My favorite blogger twins Lori and Michelle have just recently taken their awesome blog in a different direction and in doing so, have created a new blog that they feel more accurately reflects their current journey.  Purely Twins is the name of their fabulous new blog, which still will include all of the wonderful recipes, life updates and workouts they are known for, plus more!  Be sure to head to Purely Twins– not only do they have a new blog, but they have an adorable new addition to the family that made his blog debut this week!

3)  Best Success:  You know how they say that sometimes, just a few little changes are required to make a significant difference– like there’s no need to revamp your entire life to achieve results?   Well I am a firm believer in that “little changes-big difference” philosophy, although in any journey, sometimes it is hard to believe little things will make a substantial difference, especially if you’re “in it” and can’t really take enough of a distance “out of it” to reflect on progress that has been made.  This week, Theodora of Losing Weight In The City posted about how little changes in her lifestyle have led  her to achieve some of her weight loss goals, which is so refreshing and encouraging to read.  Read her account here of what simple changes she made in her diet and exercise that resulted in true change on the scale– it’s nice to know one doesn’t have to go all out to achieve some success in the health and fitness game!


4)  Best Permission For Readers To Challenge Themselves:  I personally have struggled with the whole “not eating enough to fuel my life” conundrum– sometimes it is really hard for me to eat certain foods just because I think I don’t want to “waste the calories” or “waste my workout.”  I try to fight those thoughts as much as I can, and am usually successful, but I don’t think it’s wrong to say a lot of women struggle with giving themselves permission to actually fuel their bodies sufficiently.  Unfortunately and quite sadly, “deprivation” in the food and diet world almost gives off a positive connotation in that by depriving oneself, it’s seen as practically a heroic sacrifice.  Of course, that line of thinking is flawed and like I said before, just sad.  Jenny of Peanut Butter and Jenny wrote a thoughtful post this week about giving oneself permission to properly fuel one’s lifestyle– no deprivation needed.  Her post really encouraged me to challenge myself by making sure I am in fact properly fueled for all the activity, strain and stress I put my body through from heavy loads of exercise.  Thanks Jenny for helping me realize that I deserve to, and can give myself permission to just eat!

5)  Best Potential Experiment:  I am of Indian descent, so often when I complain to my mom about aches or pains, she tells me about some traditional and natural Indian way to treat whatever malady that might be inflicting me.  Oftentimes, my mom’s tendency is to use food as medicine, often prescribing me to ingest a  particular spice or vegetable or nut  and so on that will treat my ailments.  I think her philosophy of “food as medicine” stems from being raised in a country in which Ayurvedic medicine is quite predominant.  For those of you unfamiliar, Ayurveda is an ancient Indian philosophy regarding health and healing.  Alyssa of A Life of BLyss recently posted about the four “doshas” or categories people fall in under Ayurvedic medicine guidelines.  Each dosha type is encouraged to eat and avoid certain foods for optimal health.  If you take the quiz linked on Alyssa’s blog, you can figure out what type you are– she even provides info of what each dosha should theoretically eat for optimal health.  While I don’t think I am going to eat an exclusively Ayurvedic diet anytime soon, I think the info Alyssa presents in her blog is quite interesting to ponder, and perhaps I may experiment based on some of the suggestions offered for my own dosha type to see if some of the recommendations do have a positive impact on my health!


There was a lot of great, inspirational and motivational stuff posted this week!  I love reading about the new endeavors and challenges other bloggers suggest to readers or take on for themselves– it reminds me to continuously work to be a better person all around!

Have you taken on any personal challenges or endeavors recently?  Do tell!

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