Cool Cheesecake, Hot Sauce

I have a quickie post for y’all this lovely day! As has been the way lately, I am feeling a little swamped today and have to go read a short story this morning before I head off to write a paper! Man, if you asked me two months ago, I would have put money on me saying I would never have to write abother paper again in my life. That just goes to show how much life can change in a matter of months! Now I have essays to complete all the time!

I’ve got two raw food indulgences I have enjoyed recently to report to you today.  Funny– they hold quite opposite positions on the raw food spectrum, as one is cool and creamy, while the other is hot and fiery!

Last Saturday night, I made my husband go with me to Wildflour Vegan Bakery and Juice Cafe so I could stock up on my vegan and gluten-free dessert freezer stash. Plus, I wanted to grab a dessert to eat later that night. I ended up getting a bunch of cookies and brownies to keep frozen, but I also bought this to eat fresh!

IMG_5286 Wildflour Raw Cheesecake Box

Well that pic was quite a tease, wasn’t it? Let’s try this!

IMG_5287 Wildflour Raw Cheesecake

There you go! That, my friends, is Wildflour’s to-die-for raw cheesecake! I have had this before and fell in love with it then, but I kind of forgot about it until I spied it again in the pastry case. Made primarily from cashews and other nuts, this cheesecake tastes exactly like it’s dairy counterpart! It has a great little jam frosting on top, and a nice lemony tartness that is detectable but not at all overpowering!

I cut it in half since it was so huge and placed it in a bowl. But that wasn’t all I was about to do to this cheesecake!

IMG_5289 Wildflour Raw Cheesecake in Bowl

You guys know me– I just can’t eat a pastry on its own. I always have to doctor it up with something. Don’t take it the wrong way though, as this raw cheesecake does not need to be added to at all– it is perfect on its own– but I couldn’t help but to add a little mocha almond fudge coconut ice cream and dark chocolate chips on top! It’s just what I do!

IMG_5290 Wildflour Raw Cheesecake Half  with ice cream and choco chips

That dessert was exactly what I was craving– a little bit of crunch, a little bit of chew, and a whole lot of creamy-ness!

Now the other raw product I tried is quite the contrast to this cheesecake– enter Vital Heat raw hot sauce!

IMG_5277 Raw Hot Sauce Vital Heat

I bought this a while ago from some vegan or raw food website and just recently got around to trying it. I sprinkled it on my usual dinner-time steamed veggies and am happy to report it is great! It doesn’t taste like your more traditional hot sauces–it actually has a mild curry flavor to it in my opinion. I think that’s because it contains turmeric, a spice (and wonderful anti-inflammatory) that is popular in Indian cuisines and usually always part of a traditional Indian curry blend. I liked how it had a distinct flavor, but still packed all the necessary heat of any good hot sauce. If I see it again on some raw or vegan food website for sale, I would definitely order some more, though I think I would still have to rotate it with my beloved Frank’s!

Well, that’s all I have for you now! I gotta get my behind into gear and do some reading! Have a wonderful day (and wish me luck on my paper)!

Do you like hot sauce? What’s your favorite brand?

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