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I have tried to lay off talking about school this week, but after my toughest week yet, I need to vent!  My husband warned me the fourth week (out of six) would be the worst, and he was right!  I literally had no time to do anything besides eat, sleep, go to class and do schoolwork.  Yet life has to go on, so it’s been quite the struggle to fit in anything else that must be done (and exercise is not even in the “must be done” category!).  When I planned to take four full credit classes in six weeks, both my husband and I agreed I would not have to deal with anything else– that I could just focus on the task at hand since I knew it would take a lot out of me.  That agreement has been kept, but there’s no avoiding things like grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, dealing with car issues and other errands, and with the addition of those seemingly innocuous things, this week I seriously was worn thin. I am taking a little time today to recuperate today before I hit the books once again.  Only two more weeks of this madness!


So, I did this a week or two ago, but I figured I would do it again because it was kind of fun to think about!  Here’s some of my “stats” for the week, beginning Monday.

Hours of Class:  25.2

Hours of Studying/Reading/Essay-Writing:  30

Hours of Sleep Each Night:  5.5

Hours Spent Cooking:  0

Hours Spent Watching TV:  5 (all while eating breakfast!)

Time I Woke Up:   4:45

Time I Went to Bed:  Between 11 and 11:15

Time Spent in Tears:  15 minutes

Time Spent Outside:  60 minutes total (since Monday!)

Time Spend Reading Blogs Per Day:  30 minutes

Time Spent Exercising Total:  90 minutes (all on Monday!)

Time With My Mom:  2 hours

Time With My Husband (Awake):  10

Alright– I know I kind of crafted this to show mostly just the negative stuff, but I have to be honest.  I haven’t had much time for real, genuine fun– you know, the things that make me happy?

The saddest part of the above list is by far the fact I have only seen my mom for two hours in the past two weeks.  Normally during the summer, we hang out almost everyday!  We go here and there, shopping and just going out and about doing things together, but I totally don’t have that time with her and it majorly bums me out.  I went to see her at her work yesterday for a few hours, and it was awesome.  My mom soothes my soul, and I really needed that yesterday.

IMG_3772  Mom Giving Prem Bunny Ears
And I miss this my nephews too!!!

The other things that make me slightly sad?  Well of course the fact I only see my husband for like an hour and a half each day, at night when I come home at 9:30 and we eat dinner together.  I usually am gone before he wakes up, so I don’t see his face really until the evening.  I also hate the fact that the only time I spent outside on Monday was the walk to and from my car  at home and on campus.  It sucks to see the summer totally pass me by.

Can you believe how little television I watch compared to before when I started classes.  I would average roughly twenty to thirty hours a week, easy and I am not ashamed to admit it.  My DVR is about to explode– I will have a lot of catching up to do in two weeks!

Sorry again if I sound lame– I am trying to be positive and for the most part, I have been, but sometimes, especially after a tough week, you just need to vent!  Good– now I feel better!

P.S.  I forgot to mention the crying thing– I definitely had a bit of a “whoa is me” breakdown on Thursday! And for that, I will leave you with an image of an infamously ugly crier– hilarious!

P.P.S.:  What ever happened to Speidi anyway?

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?  How many hours do you need to function optimally?

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