Sunday Snippet

I basically grew up in a liquor store– yes, that’s right– a liquor store.  Let me explain.

My parents owned and worked at a liquor store pretty much for my whole youth, probably from age three or so to age nineteen.  Actually, my dad’s office (he was an accountant) was in the apartment above the liquor store, and my mom manned the fort down below.  That meant, that more often than not, my dad would scoop me up from school each day and drive me over to the store, where I pretty much either hung out downstairs with my mom, or upstairs with my dad.  Let’s just say, for someone who doesn’t drink at all, I know a whole heck of a lot about alcohol!  True fact– when I was in college, I even got my bartending license with no intention to use it.  I just figured since I already knew so much about it– why not?

Now, while my mom is the best cook I know, working from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for whipping up gourmet meals for the family.  That meant lots of dining out, but for a little kid, I did something even better– I ate lots of crap!


I am not going to lie– when I was young, I was the girl who took two grab bags of chips, a bottle of coke, and a candy bar to school for lunch.  For years, most of my lunches came from the shelves and coolers of the liquor store.  Dinner often was a jar of salsa and a bag of Tostitos, chased by a Veryfine juice or Snapple,  all of which we kept in stock.  Snacks included bags of beer nuts, or an occasional package of peanut butter crackers.  Desserts often consisted of a pack of Tic Tacs (orange was my fav!).  And when the shipment of Caramellos came in, all heck broke loose (but I only ate them frozen of course, so I had to stick them in the ice bag freezer and wait awhile before I could dig in)!


Let me tell you– it was awesome.  In no way, shape or form am I complaining about this.  I was the envy of all my friends at school, who had nothing more than the usual pb and j and fruit snacks.  Don’t get me wrong– I ate those things on occasion too– but eating chips, candy, soda, chocolate, and nuts for lunch and dinner whenever I felt like it was absolutely boss (do people say that anymore?).  Don’t worry– I did eat nutritious foods as well– just as much as I loved these chip n’ soda meals, I also loved getting the salad bar from the nearby Stop N Shop.  Even as a kid, I knew about the importance of balance!

What were your favorite junk foods from when you were a kid?

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