My (Past) Week In Fitness (Part 30)

Good morning and happy Monday!


Right after I hit publish here, I will be heading off to the gym before class for a short run and some weights.  I hope this doesn’t once again pan out to be my only weekday sweat sesh of the week, as has been the case for the last three weeks.  Last week’s workouts were pretty much a duplication of my workouts the week before, as I only managed to get to the gym three times.  Here’s how my week broke down:

Monday:  8.15 miles on the treadmill (7 run, 1.15 mile walked); weightlifting for chest and back (6 exercises, 3 sets each)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  Rest

Saturday:  14.6 miles on the treadmill (12 run, 2.6 walked); 2.5 mile outdoor walk

Sunday:  11.1 miles on the treadmill (9 run, 2.1 walked); weightlifting for arms and shoulders (7 exercises, 3 sets each); 5.65 mile outdoor walk

I thought it would be interesting to reflect a bit on the effects that I think not working out as much as I am used to are having on me.  First and foremost, I definitely feel like something is missing– like my days are just not as satisfying.  Studying and going to school all day and no longer having the time for my primary stress relief certainly stinks, and I miss that “me” time that exercise always provided to sort things out in my mind.  I think I have been more cranky for sure, and just less able to manage stress effectively, which is unfortunate since I am way more stressed than usual.

So, so true!!!


Physically, I don’t feel that much differently, except in the soreness department.  I have noticed that stress does make me sore in a way different that is from the way an intense workout would.  Exercise usually makes my legs sore.  Stress gives me a sore neck and back, and trust me, I would way rather have sore legs!  I have been feeling this neck/back soreness almost everyday, especially at night, and it is quite unpleasant.  The neck pain even gives me headaches sometimes!  Other than that, I don’t think much has changed in relation to my body– my weight’s about the same, and I do feel I have maintained most of my fitness levels.  It only has been four weeks since I’ve had to cut back on exercise, and I still have managed to get in two to three runs per week, one of which is long.

Funny thing about my food intake– I have been eating just as I usually do, and actually have not changed portion sizes at all since reducing my exercise significantly.  That kind of blows me away, and makes me think I should be eating a lot more when I am in my full exercise mode!  While my hunger has been less intense, I have been eating just as much as I normally do.

Well, I’ll put it out there, and hope that it might just happen:  This week, once again, I am going to aim for three weekday workouts instead of just the one  Monday workout I am about to head to today.  Given my sched, that’s a tall order, so I guess we’ll see.  Only two more weeks of this madness and it will be back to my usual exercise habits, and I really can’t wait!

What kinds of things get in the way of you and your workout? 

For me, it’s taking these classes this summer!


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