My Summer DVR Schedule

One of the saddest casualties of my current schedule is the ability to watch loads of television, by far one of my favorite stress-relieving activities.  I know many think tv is a waste of time, bad for your health, and plays a big role in the dumbing down of society.  I agree with all these things– but that doesn’t at all change the fact that I love watching television.  And usually, the shows I watch are among the crappiest, soul-deadening ones out there!

I have been asked by many which shows I watch, and how I rank them in terms of which ones I must watch first, and why I like them.  I thought that would be a fun topic to really take my time with and consider– you know to really dig deep and get all philosophical like (yeah, right!).  My summer tv schedule is in full swing, at least on my DVR, but sadly, I simply cannot keep up with my recordings right now.  So, here’s how I rank the shows I am taping, starting with the ones I watch every week, regardless of how busy I am, and finishing with ones I watch, but could easily live without.  Just keep in mind I am only right now addressing shows that are currently showing new episodes.  Vampire Diaries, for example is not on this list because the CW is just showing repeats right now.

Must Watch Shows:

All the Real Housewives seasons that happen to be on (right now its Orange County, New York, and New Jersey):  I have seen every episode of every Housewives show to ever air because, quite frankly, I love watching ridiculous rich women’s shenanigans across the country!

Bad Girls Club Mexico:  There’ s only been one episode of this show, but I can already tell it is going to be good.  Good meaning lots of chaos, yelling and drunken escapades.  I am so not a bad girl, so I think the reason why I like this show is just to see how the other, more angry and dramatic half, lives.

The Real World St. Thomas:  Not gonna lie– I auditioned by video for the Real World about thirteen years ago. . . yeah, I didn’t make it!  But I have watched this “grandfather of reality tv” show since its original New York season, and ever since then I have always enjoyed spending three months with seven strangers. . . living in a house. . . and getting real.


Honorable Mentions:  Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Secret Life of the American Teen, Empire Girls New York City, Pretty Little Liars, Snooki and JWow

Must Watch Shows That Don’t Have To Be Watched Immediately, But Definitely Within a Week of Airing: 

Teen Mom:   Again, it is safe to say I have seen every episode of this show since its inception.  I do feel somewhat connected to the girls and their babies, having watched both of them grow up over the years.  Caitlin and Tyler are my favorites– they have really come a long way and I admire them for that.

Pregnant In Heels:  Rosie Pope is adorable, and the show fulfills all of my baby-wanting needs, at least for now!  Some of those couples she helps are so outrageous, it makes me laugh, but also makes me a bit puzzled over how weird people in general can be sometimes.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:  The plot of this show is so juicy– no wait, I am being serious!  This one’s way better than the original version set in New York!  Baby mama drama, and I don’t use those terms presumptuously– that’s what they call it in the show!


Honorable Mentions:  Tia and Tamara, MisAdvised, Around The World In 80 Plates

Show I Tape And Will Get To. . . Eventually (no rush):

Beverly Hills Nannies:  I am not even halfway through the first episode of this right now, and I am liking it.  However, since it is a brand-spanking new series, and I can’t commit to anything new right now, I will keep on taping it, but not worry too much if I have to get to it later in the summer.

Mob Wives Chicago:  I am loving it so far, but it is definitely not as awesome as the original– I mean Drita, Karen and Big Ang– you cannot compete with the OGs!

Big Ang:  Speaking of Big Ang, she has her own show now!  I haven’t watched it yet, and may just not until August, when I can watch them all at once and have a super outrageous Big Ang marathon!


Honorable Mentions:  Chicagolicious, Bunheads, Push Girls

Believe it or not, there are a few shows I either began taping and just stopped, and some that I used to watch but can’t stomach any longer.  I watched the first episode of Jane By Design and was bored to tears, so I stopped taping it.  I no longer watch America’s Next Top Model since it’s been done so many times, now watching it is painful.  I also let go of Tough Love. . . I can’t exactly pinpoint why, but it got sort of dreadful.

So there you go!  This was such a fun post to write. . . maybe I will do it again when the new season of fall shows return.  That’ll be a DVR game-changer.

What are your must-watch shows?

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