What Back To School Means For Me

I just wanted to take a moment and welcome any new readers who have visited me here lately!  Thanks for taking the time to stop by. . . and of course, thanks to all my readers who have stuck with me for a while!  You all are truly the best!  I figured I would write a post that’s a little more “getting to know me” for those who have happened to stumble upon my blog recently so you kind of know what I have been up to lately!

I have been back to school (teaching) now for a bit over three weeks.  This past summer, back to school meant literally taking classes to work on my English certification.  A funny side story about that:  I went to the Rhode Island Department of Education to drop off my summer school transcript so those classes could officially count towards my certification.   I visited the Department of Ed right before I first started classes about two months ago, and the woman I spoke to at the time was the same woman I talked to the other day.  When she saw I had completed four full-credit classes in six weeks, she was shocked!  She could not believe I had made so much progress towards my certification in such a short time!  I still need three more classes that I am currently taking, and she said at the rate I was going, I would have them done in a few days!  OK– maybe that story isn’t funny, but it was to me since only three months ago I was so far away from that certification, and now, I am so close!

Anyway, this September, back to school means both taking classes at night and teaching high school during the day!  That’s right– for those of you who may have missed it– I am still taking classes.  In fact, I will be taking three classes to finish my English certification this fall semester in addition to holding down my day job.  Don’t ask me how I will handle this for the next three and a half months– all I know is I just will, in any way I can!  It will be quite a change for me as I have never really done both at the same time!


It is sure to be a crazy hectic fall semester, until at least Christmas time, which is when all my classes will be done.  While I look forward to the challenge, I am not going to lie– I am nervous beyond belief about how it is all going to ultimately go down.   I am now practically a full-time student and full-time teacher at the same time!  Oh man!!!

So back to school means a lot more this year than ever before.  Here’s what else it means to me, in convenient list form!

1) No more awesome weekday early morning workouts!  Well, guess I didn’t have many of those this summer anyway. . . as it is panning out, I am finding little time and energy to workout after school like I did last year!

2)  Being a lot more social on a daily basis– I have the best co-workers and I really miss them during the summer.  I have found some of my best friends at work, so I have been thus far enjoying and truly look forward to having our usual early morning girl-time before the students arrive!


3)  No more sleeping till I naturally rise.  Oh that 4:45 A.M. alarm does not sound good!  Blaring is the word– blaring!

4)  Tealuxe!  I haven’t had a cup of my favorite rooibos from Tealuxe in months– it is such a “winding down after school” ritual that I look forward to this fall when the weather is a bit cooler.

IMG_3925 Tealuxe Outside

5)  No more hour-long lunches.  Eighteen minutes or less, with a moneyback guarantee!

6)  Meeting a whole new crop of students (about one hundred and fifteen or so), and therefore increasing my popularity at the mall at least fifty percent.  What I mean by that is this:  without a doubt, whenever I go to the local mall, I see at least three or four current or former students.  Rhode Island is so small, that as a teacher, I become relatively famous in the teenage mall scene.  Now I have met over a hundred new teenagers, I will be so much more popular at the Providence Place Mall!  An exponential increase I tell you!

7)  No more staying up till 10 or 11.  Oh wait, yes I have been and will at least a few nights a week– I will just be in class till that time, and then still have to wake up at 4:45!  Not looking forward. . .

8)  Fall fun!  Apple picking, hay rides and a ghost tour– I am down for all of that this fall and I will find time for those things no matter what!

9)  Packing lunch the night before (as well as picking out my clothes for the next day)– I hate having to think about my food and clothes they day before I eat it or wear it!  Ughh!

10)  Speaking of clothes– I have to dress up!  Well, at least I have to look decent in my school attire.  No more gym clothes all day long, with the occasional skinny jean ensemble thrown into the mix for when I have to actually be social.  It’ll be pants, sweaters and flats all the time!  No– I don’t wear skirts to school.  There’s nothing wrong with doing that– I just prefer not to!

And last but not least?

11)  A lot less tv.  Sad face.:(  What will ever become of those Hollywood Exes?? Despite the fact the season is over, I haven’t been able to catch up on the DVR!

IMG_5138 Hollywood Wives 2

I could keep going on and on, but I will leave it at that.  Back to school– it’s on!

P.S.  Does anyone else associate the MTV Video Music Awards with the back to school blues?  I could not even watch them– they too strongly symbolize the end of my favorite season!

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