Summer Vacation 2012: A New York City Dining Adventure At Candle 79

Vacation 2012 flashback continued. . .

Our last morning in Rehoboth Beach involved another all fruit and coffee breakfast. . .

IMG_5578 Rehoboth Beach Sunday Breakfast

IMG_5579 Rehoboth Beach Coffee Sunday Breakfast

and then we blew outta there as fast as we blew in!

We embarked on a very long, traffic-filled drive to New York City. . . there was so much traffic that we arrived at our hotel at the same time our dinner reservation was scheduled! Fortunately, I was able to move it an hour later, so we would have plenty of time to get there via subway.

Last year, in April, my husband and I enjoyed an epic raw meal at Pure Food and Wine. This time around, I wanted to visit yet another legendary vegan dining destination in New York City. My choice this time was the vegan restaurant Candle 79.

My inspiration? Well the last issue of Veg News I read featured an ad for Candle 79 that sparked my curiosity. . .

IMG_5580 Candle Cafe Ad 1

plus Gena of Choosing Raw has written many a blog post praising the eats at Candle 79.

We arrived right on time for our 8:30 reservation.

IMG_5588 Candle 79 Sign

I had studied the menu long and hard before dinner, so I already knew what I was going to order. Candle 79 has both a vegan and gluten-free vegan menu, so I modified an app from their standard menu for the husband and I to share. We started with their nachos (minus the seitan) with corn chips, refried beans, lettuce, salsa, guac, vegan sour cream and what I perceive to be Daiya mozzarella cheese. The waiter did inform me the corn chips had a little gluten in them, but I still ordered the nachos, because one, the craving was really bad, and two, since I am not allergic to gluten, I figured a little would not cause me too much trouble.

IMG_5591 Candle 79 Nachos

The nachos were plentiful and outstanding– they tasted just like my favorite nachos from Tortilla Flats in Rhode Island! Very authentic indeed!

For dinner, I tried two items off of their gluten-free menu. First, I ordered the grilled kale salad, with kale, beluga lentils, quinoa, avocado, turnips, red onions, haricot verts, sunflower seeds and chive dressing.

IMG_5594 Candle 79 Kale Salad

Again, the portion was extremely generous. . . but more importantly, it was delicious! Better than my usual Whole Foods massaged kale salad for sure. Even my husband, who is not a fan of kale, thought it was wonderful. It was so big too I couldn’t finish it.

That may be in part because I also ordered their smoked hummus and cracker appetizer. The crackers were Mary’s crackers, which was a tiny bit of a disappointment because I thought they would offer up crackers that were homemade. The hummus was a roasted red pepper variety and it was quite tasty, but the best part of the dish was the roasted garlic bulb! Yes, an entire bulb of roasted garlic was served in conjunction with the hummus, and the creamy garlic cloves were perfect accompaniments to the smoky hummus, crackers and even the few olives sprinkled on the plates.

IMG_5593 Candle 79 Hummus Plate

The hubster ordered the jalapeno-rubbed tofu medallions with sautéed seasonal veggies. He wasn’t a superfan of the tofu, but that’s because it wasn’t all fried and greasy like the tofu he is used to. I loved it though– the veggies were perfectly seasoned and cooked and the tofu had a great bite to it.

IMG_5592 Candle 79 Tofu Medallians

A dessert menu was presented. . .

IMG_5596 Candle 79 Dessert menu

and a dessert was ordered from said menu!

Of the few gluten-free options, I ordered the Mexican brownie sundae with French vanilla ice cream, caramelized banana, candied nuts, and an ancho chocolate sauce.

IMG_5597 Candle 79 Brownie Sundae

It was extremely good, though not the best vegan brownie I have ever had. It was a tad dry. . . but the sauce and ice cream helped make up for that.

Of course, coffee helped wash it down too!

IMG_5598 Candle 79 Coffee

A good ending for a wonderful night for me consists of this:

IMG_5599 Candle 79 Coffee and Dessert

A good ending for a wonderful night for my husband consists of that:

IMG_5600 The Halal Guys

Yes, my husband kept me company and even participated a bit in this lovely vegan meal at Candle 79, but he saved his appetite for a stop at the Halal Guys cart afterwards. It’s all about compromise, right?

Candle 79 was quite a treat– it offers a nice selection of both raw and cooked vegan dishes, portion sizes are fantastic, and most importantly, the food did not disappoint!

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