Adventures in Apple Picking

Well, I am happy to report I have completed one of the items on my (mental) fall bucket list very early in the fall season– apple picking!

IMG_5835 Jaswell Farm 2

My husband and I found a rare Sunday afternoon where we were both “free.” Of course, there were a million things we could have been doing or should have been doing, but we agreed to take some time out for ourselves, together, because to be quite honest, we haven’t been on a non-vacation related “just for fun” outing like this in over a year that hasn’t also involved friends. Yes, we go out to dinner together and go shopping and so on, but we could not think of a time within the last year were we went to another town in RI just to do some fun “activity”  just for the sake of fun.

We ended up at Jaswell’s Farm in northern Rhode Island because it seemed to be the most popular one around here right now. In fact, we ran into a friend when on our walk Sunday morning who confirmed Jaswell’s had plenty of apples to pick, as she had been there the day before. Also, I think the family has a connection to the school I teach in, as the Jaswell kids went through the high school I work in!

IMG_5836 Jaswell Sign for apples

We had no idea what apples they had before getting there, but when we learned they had four varieties, but only one of which we really loved, we zeroed in on our apples of choice only, the crisp, sweet and sour Macoun!

IMG_5837 Jaswell Apple Sign

I should note Jaswell’s also had a very cool and very busy pick-your-own pumpkin patch!  Also, they had an awesome farm stand selling fresh fruits and veggies, apples of course, cider, doughboys and even fresh, hot apple crisp!

IMG_5838 Pumpkin Patch

we quickly got to the apple trees, but went way beyond the first rows, as they were not our favorites. I think they were Red Delicious perhaps?

IMG_5840 Apple Trees

We found the path that would take us to the Macouns!

IMG_5841 Apple Trees Path 2

The apples were huge and plentiful. We came plenty early in the season to have our pick of the orchard!

IMG_5842 Apples on Tree Up Close

I made sure each and every apple I picked was perfect.

IMG_5843 Ami picking apple

It was hard to limit ourselves! Since we don’t have much room in our fridge, we decided to pick 12 apples each and then give half to my mom.

IMG_5844 Apples on Tree Up Close 2

My twelve:

IMG_5845 Bag of Apples

I made sure to pick a mini apple also, just because it was so cute! I know it is hard to tell here but this apple is a baby! So adorable!

IMG_5847  Mini apple in palm

Jaswell’s was extremely busy, and we found ourselves in a long line to pay for our apples. The good news is, despite the fact there was only one person manning the cash register, they moved quickly and efficiently! We only had to wait about ten minutes and we were on our way!

IMG_5848 Line for apples

Due to my lack of time, I know these apples will not be eaten any way but raw. Even though I’m not going to make anything fancy with them, I am glad I at least got to go apple picking this season! What a great start to my fall!

Do you have the ability to go apple picking where you live? If so, are you planning on going or have you already gone?

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