Vacation 2012 Flashback: Stranded In Babycakes

I went on vacation in New York City. . . in August. . . and I totally dropped the ball on finishing my recap posts.  I have a bunch of recaps still yet to post about my last hurrah in NYC before I started my school year and fall classes (which crazy enough, will finish in about a month!).  So if you don’t mind, here’s the next installment in my Vacation 2012 flashback series, and I promise, it’s a great one!

I had a dream on my little weekend getaway that I was stranded in my own personal version of heaven– the famed Babycakes Bakery in New York City.

Oh wait–that actually happened!

IMG_5601 Me at Babycakes

On our last day in NYC, my husband and I were game for a brunch adventure. We decided a subway trip to Babycakes was in order.

IMG_5608 Subway

Babycakes is a landmark vegan and allergen-sensitive bakery in the Lower East side of NYC that has locations in California and Florida as well! I’ve been there before and therefore became obsessed, so of course it was only fitting our final breakfast in NYC would take place there.

It began to rain as we got off the subway, so we dashed over to the bakery just before the skies opened up and a downpour ensued. I ordered 3 items to share with the husband, and sat outside with him under an awning we hoped would protect us from the rain. Turns out it didn’t.

The rain was insane! These pics look like they were taken at midnight, but it was only 11 in the morning!

IMG_5605 Babycakes Downpour 1

IMG_5606 Babycakes Downpour 2

I’ll get to the focus of this post–the food– in a minute, but let’s just say we were forced to take cover inside Babycakes for a good half hour. The employees were quite gracious, letting us hang out until the rain died down. I was literally stranded in one of the best vegan bakeries in the world– what more could a low-gluten vegan ask for?

We ended up sharing three items–slices of their banana bread and corn bread, and a zebra donut. All were vegan and gluten-free and amazing.

The breads:

IMG_5603 Babycakes Banana and Corn Bread

The corn bread was awesome, but in comparison to the other two delights, it was our least favorite of the three (again, keeping in mind it was all relative–the corn bread was fantastic)! It was moist and tender, but lacked a strong buttery flavor I so love in cornbread.

The banana bread though was wonderful! It too was soft and moist, with a great flavor. I wished I could take a whole loaf of this home!

But the real winner? The zebra donut!

IMG_5602 Babycakes Zebra Donut

Basically it was a funfetti cake donut with vanilla and chocolate icing stripes, and it blew-me-away. My husband and I both agreed it was the best donut we had both EVER HAD!!! I thought my funfetti days were long gone, but thanks to Babycakes, who does ship their good nationally, I know funfetti donuts will forever be a part of my life!

Coffee was the beverage of choice.

IMG_5604 Babycakes Coffee

Now if these were “regular” breads and donuts, I am sure I would have had a sugar high followed by a hard crash, but since Babycakes uses unrefined sugars and whole grain flours, I felt just fine afterwards. My only regret was not taking a box of stuff home in the car with me! I guess I’ll just have to make an order online. . .

IMG_5607 Babycakes Menu

Babycakes–thanks for letting us be stranded there for a while! Best stranding ever!!!

Have you ever been stranded somewhere due to weather? How was the experience?

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